Garmin watch pairing

Does anyone know if you can pair a Garmin instinct to trainer road? I got one for Christmas and have not been able to figure out how. Thanks

As in what type of pairing?

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Yes, we need to know exactly what you are trying to connect.

What device are you using to run TrainerRoad?

What do you want your watch to do in regards to TrainerRoad?

Pairing the watch to trainerroad on my iphone. Sorry I didn’t specify.

So you want the watch to report something like heart rate to your iphone?

As far as I know you can make some Garmin watches rebroadcast HR via ANT+. The issue is the your iPhone only reads via Bluetooth, unless you add and ANT+ dongle.

Yes, I want heart rate to go to trainer road. I have a chest strap that I have paired with the watch and I have only done this because the wrist based hr get out of wack once my heart rate get a little higher. By pairing the chest strap with the watch it is no longer paired with trainer road and I cannot see my heart rate info in the trainer road workouts which is what I am trying to accomplish. But I also want all my hr info on Garmin connect but I am not sure this will be possible.

Assuming your chest strap is ANT+ only, I don’t think you have an easy way to get it to the iPhone. It would require an ANT+ dongle.

The best option these days is to get a strap the sends ANT+ and Bluetooth simultaneously.

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It’s a wahoo tickr. Not sure if it does ant or not. If so would I pair it to the watch via ant and to the phone via Bluetooth?

Yes, the Tickr should do both, so pair just like you said and I think it will work.

Is your HR strap Garmin? I’m guessing yes, and it’s ANT+ only. You’re watch is Bluetooth and therefore syncs with Trainer Road. These are my best guesses. As Chad said, I recommend getting a Wahoo strap or some other strap that transmits Bluetooth. I’ve had the best success with the Wahoo strap, personally.

He said he has a Wahoo Tickr.

So he should already be set.

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Oh, I see. I did not read all the way through the thread before posting. Getting everything connected properly the first time can often be challenging. :sunglasses:

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Isn’t this a case of pairing to the iPhone first with Bluetooth then doing the watch as ant+

If the watch pairs first via Bluetooth you would need an ant+ dongle on the iPhone to pair.

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I tried that and the watch will not pick up on the hrm after I pair it with my phone. Oddly enough, I switched wrists and the watch seems to be a lot more accurate right now. Might be a coincidence but we will see.:man_shrugging:t2:

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If your watch is like the Vivoactive 3, it will only read a chest strap if you are running an activity on the watch. The problem with this is you will then have two activities in Garmin Connect assuming you have it connected with Trainerroad. You can go in and delete it out of GC though.

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In my Garmin FR 245 settings, I can set it to Broadcast HR. Once I did that, TR picked it up in the devices as a HR monitor on my Galaxy A51 which does have Ant+. Unfortunately, the 245 HR monitor is dodgy so I’m not sure how well it will work.

Is it possible to push TR workouts for outdoor training to the Instinct?

Does the Instinct have access to the Garmin App Store?