How to extend a Training Plan for a 6 month period of TT events

In Australia we are moving out of summer, and by early May will begin a monthly winter series of 20km TT.

My TR plan builder training has taken me to the first event, ie, with the TT specialty block concluding soon. What TR plan could, possibly should, I use for the 6 months of this series? I’ve used the adaptive facility to date and want to continue using that over this period.

Have you tried entering each monthly race as a B race in Plan Builder?

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I am not saying its right but I entered my TT’s for the UK summer (probably comparable to Aus Winter but colder and wetter) as ‘B’ races in Plan Builder (40k TT plan). I have a TT in the middle I want to peak for so it has been designated an ‘A’ race and the last scheduled TT as an ‘A’ race also to stretch out the plan.


I couldn’t set up my initial plan to cover the season, as the pandemic limited doing advanced event scheduling. But I’d like to give your suggestion a try.

How do I extend an existing Build Plan for an extra 6 months. Obviously it isn’t like starting a new TT plan from the beginning?

My plan was for 24 weeks, essentially 8wk base, 8 wks build, and 8wks speciality, then my only event, ie, the start of the season. Curious what you have during your period of B and A events?

There is probably another way but I added a dummy event during the current plan which reinstigates plan builder and then added the actual ‘A’ event to extend the plan.

During the pandemic I never had firm dates either but just scheduled something in the approximate period that my target was back in 2021; it wasn’t ! But it kept me fit in the interim.

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I just added some C races now that I know the dates, and plan builder recalculated around them. Being C events within my current plan the changes were minor, but it felt like since it was recalculating, it basically took all the information it had on hand at the beginning and just added to it with the new info i gave it.

I gather from yours and HLaB that you can make changes WITHIN an existing plan, but I tried to extend my plan by adding events and Plan Builder didn’t like it. It inferred I was adding a second plan over the top of an existing plan.

I’m not sure what you are doing, maybe its a web thing and perhaps you are trying it on Android/iOS. But on windows you just click anywhere within your current plan and add a race. That will ask you if you want to recalculate the plan which will take you through to the add events page where you just add them, add an new ‘A’ race then to extend the plan.

If you are trying through Plan Builder (from the menu) to add a brand new plan it will give you the message you are getting :thinking:

Typical TR advice for a “season” of events like this is to set your A event about 2/3 of the way through the season, and then try to hang on to your peak as long as possible. I’d also perhaps suggest nominating monthly races as B events, rather than C. This should give you a rest day (or light day if you check the Openers box if Plan Builder).

If Plan Builder is being difficult about adding/changing additional days after your initial A event, delete the current plan and create a new one that includes all your events. When creating a new plan, backdate the Start date to pick up the Base/Build that you have already done.

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I’m not trying to change something within the current plan, rather wanting to extend the plan beyond its current end date.

I suspect @mcalista has the answer, ie, basically start again from the previous start date, with the additional events and their later end date. Hence the plan to date would end up much the same as the original, but would cater for the now known end date.

Not sure if one can print a copy of the current plan, so that I could check the differences, purely for interest sake, if not could just take screen print page by page. Also don’t know what impact deleting a plan has on the AI aspect of Adaptive, as I think it uses ones specific career.

That’s what I was trying to explain. Add a dummy event within the current plan. That will re-instigate plan builder which will subsequently take you to the events page. From there add the actual event outside your current plan (and delete the dummy). Thats how I’ve extended my plan a few time. My original plan was with a target in 2019, I then got cancer and extended the same one to 2020. Then the other wee c thing hit and it got delayed to 2021. Come 2021 it got delayed to 2022. Hopefully the event will go ahead this year but the event is mid season, so I extended the plan yet again :joy:

Your approach worked for me. Thank you. :slight_smile:

In addition to it, ‘A’ events have to be at least 8 weeks apart, but that doesn’t apply to B or C. Adding B events seems to create a meaningful plan alteration, whereas adding C doesn’t.

A few surprises in the extended plan. but in general am happy with it. It seems in recent days (ie, other threads) there have been a few hiccups with the adaption process, and I suspect my surprises were symptomatic of them.

While making these changes I also switched on FTP Ramp testing. The outcome was more inline with my previous workouts. However, although accepting the calculated revised FTP, it didn’t actually apply it to my account, and hence modify my new plans workout levels. But, adding the new value to my account manually resulted in a revised plan. But there some blips, like one day I ended up with two workouts, ie, both the old and new .
@mcneese.chad - this might be of interest

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