How to enter a race in the middle of SSB/SS Build/Specializtion

So I just came off a high volume year of racing and training. High vol winter base 2017/18, Hi vol training MTB endurance races, 12 hour races, some gravel 3 day stage races, into Cyclocross season which just finished up here in Missoula Montana. 2018 Strava to date-5900 miles, 395 hours, 463,714 ft very and 215 rides.

I’m currently doing the prep for next year and i just started SSBase II.(after a few weeks of taking it really easy active recovery) I skipped Hi Vol l.(smart ? Not smart?)
My A races for 19 are MTB Nats (marathon) and Butte 50, that takes me through the end of July, for Cx season starting in Late Sept. culminating in Cx Nats in Tacoma Wa.

That being said I do have intermittent races scattered throughout. In Feb I’m racing 24 HOP in Tucson, March is a Tucson USMES week long training camp, and in April some a 3 day gravel stage /road race that is like a dirty crit for 72 miles.

QUESTION **How do I adjust for these middle races in TR,(especially like the 24 HOP) and how do I reset for CX season in TR? Do I start another short base or just go right from MTB racing to truncated Short Power Build. Struggling with how to exchange outside rides for TR? Drop the workout plan to low or mid Vol when winter is over and I can ride outside? Or just skip the days indoor ride and try to mimic the best you can outside?

This year (being new to TR) I planned on high Vol II SSB, mid vol Short power build Then MTB Xc specialization. But adding in some long MTB and road rides outside for endurance during the Specialization for marathon. Then a truncated Short Power build and into Cx specialization.

First year on TR. I love it and the VIDEO of the podcasts . I watch them as I ride my SSB for 2 hours! Awesome! Trying to learn everyday.


This is the stuff I was thinking about this morning over coffee and checking out race schedules. I may do this winter race/ride in mid-February. I don’t think I’d adjust any of my training, hell even taper for it as it’s a ‘C’ priority for me. But come March/April I’ll probably be racing crits and the CO spring classics, but I should be in build by then.

As for CX - I would love to know this answer. I raced road right up to CX - was even doing both at the same time. I didn’t really take any time to reset and shift to CX. The season in CO is in full stride by the weekend after labor day with a weekly ‘training race’ that starts mid August. Ridiculous I know. But it is fun. I think next year I’ll skip the first two race weekends of CX to get my reset in and get acclimated to the CX bike. It’s quite the adjustment and for someone who didn’t race XC as much this summer, it showed. My skills were horrible for cat 3. Once my rolling road race spec plan is over, I think I’ll jump into short power build But that’ll be mid August. So, I don’t know. It’s tough to want to go all in for two disciplines.

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