How to do power curve testing protocol

Hello, I am curious on how to do your power curve testing protocol.
I believe you do a 20 minute, 5 minute, 1 minute, and a 15 second maximum effort?
Are these the only efforts you do?
I believe you do them in this order, longest duration to shortest duration?
How much rest do you take in between and what does that look like (easy pedaling?)?
Then how do you interpret the results and how can this guide future training?
Thanks for any information you can share on this.

Are you talking about Coggan’s power profiling? I don’t think there is a specific protocol.

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This might be useful to you:

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I know this is TR forum but what you’re asking about is 4dp. Maybe do the sufferfest test protocol?

From Coggan: Index efforts of 5 s, 1 min, 5 min, and at at “FTP” (20 min)

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Yes, this is what I meant, thank you.

The test Protocol, is in the 2nd edition book (Training with power meter Hunter Allan & Andrew Coggan) that i have on Page 57.
It assumed you have done an FTP test also Their Test protocol is on page 47.

In Summary The Test is

Warm up
45min warm up <65%FTP
3x 1min at 85% FTP with 1min recovery in between.

Main set
5min at FTP (3-5min recovery)
1min > 150% FTP all out effort (3-5min recovery)
10min easy 70-80% FTP

5min standing 115%-120 FTP ( 10min recovery)
1min Standing > 150% FTP (All out effort) (5min recovery)
1min seated .150% FTP (all out effort) (5min recovery)
2x 15 second all out sprints Standing or seated ( 2min recovery between)

15min 60-70% FTP

All the recovery bits are at 60% FTP

Forgot. You then need to do the analysis and pick out the data for calculating the power profiles just take the results for 5sec, 1min and 5min and FTP and you get your power profile. Or if your TR records on Garmin then you can use and it will do your power profile for you.

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Believe this TrainerRoad workout implements that test for 5-sec, 1-min, and 5-min durations:


This is great, thank you.
I presume I could set this up as an outside workout and do it when the weather warms up in my neck of the woods.
I am guessing a flat to a slight uphill grade (1-3%) is recommend for all test intervals?

My coach encourages me to test on steady uphill grades, and for logistical reasons I usually test on the flat.

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Thanks for that.
I was looking in TR workouts under Tests but did not find it.

I Set it up manually …

It is just another slice of information that fits the Jig Saw

Yeah it’s not tagged as a test.