How to correct right/left leg imbalance

So I think I have an imbalance between right and left leg. I sometime have left knee discomfort and on longer rides, my left quad can get tighter than the right. I’ve also compared my stages left crank PM to my kickr and the stages is reading higher in a very unscientific test. I could be making the totally wrong conclusion, but I believe I am favoring my left leg. 1) How can I prove this once and for all and 2) what should I do about it?

See a bikefitter. Discomfort and “tightness” might be causing a slight imbalance. So the solution wouldn’t be to “fix” the imbalance, but to fix your bikefit issues.

Yeah, so this doesn’t mean a thing.

I don’t think there’s any reason to prove or fix small imbalances. If you have a big enough imbalance that needs fixing, it will be obvious from other things. Like an injury, a notable difference in size between left and right muscles, etc.
But if you really must: a pedal based left+right power meter probably gives the most precise measure of imbalance. It may still give wrong numbers due to differences in accuracy of both meteres.

From what you wrote, I don’t think there’s any reason to do anything about your perceived imbalance. But fixing or understanding your discomfort issues will help you. Go see a bikefitter and/or physical therapist for that.


The only way to know if you have an imbalance is as @gjdev said with a dual side PM.

Your discomfort might be fixed as simple as with cleat realignment (or something else). Again, as stated above see a bike fitter.

I relate to you in the sense that after my knee surgery, the idea of imbalance was stuck in my mind and was always a niggle in my head.

It wasn’t cheap… but I bought a double side PM and I don’t regret it.

Good luck

I was looking at trying the Garmin Rally pedal PM. Anyone have experience with these?

@kosmo886 I had a significant leg imbalance 15 or more years ago which tightened the IT band on and pulled my patella out of alignment, so instead of running smoothly, it was rubbing against the bone. It was agony like someone stabbing you in the knee. I managed it for a while with exercises from a physio (stretching it off when it was tightening). I subsequently had a bike fit which lowered my saddle a bit and identified a leg length issue. Its seems to have sorted out the visible calf size imbalance. IME I wouldn’t try to prove anything but see a fitter if you have knee discomfort. Good luck!

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