How to cool down the paincave?


i have a smaller paincave (10ish square meters) in my apartment and even I have two fans I found very hard to cool down myself and my numbers are at least 10-15% lower than outside.

Is it better to buy Lasko blower or some portable AC or dehumidifier?

I have a window but I can only little opens it…

FYI I’m from EU if you have some product suggestion.

Sounds luxury to me. I have a small pain corridor at a guess (5m long x 0.7m wide, Or about long enough for 2.5 bikes and just wide enough for a wahoo knock off trainer desk). No open windows for me either. I usually keep the flat cool and use an 18inch gym fan on my back, two 12 inch mini gym fans on my sides (just to the front of my feet) and a remote control 16 inch pedestal fan in my face. I tend to take my workouts outside if its any more than 15deg C in there if I can though :fearful:

Highly unscientific but comparing an intervals profile from Oct 21 to the last 84 days for inside rides, I was 10-12w (circa 5%) higher over 20min + durations when it was cooler :scream: I have done a lot more group riding and less which probably isn’t helping so it probably isn’t just the heat :thinking:


I’ve seen kit (NoPinz IIRC) with pockets sewn in to allow for ice packs so instead of cooling the room you’re focusing on yourself.

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Cleva vacmaster were available in the EU, even post brexit. I got my last one on amazon to Ireland. I’ve 3, on remote plugs - 1 front torso, 1 back torso, 1 face/ head.

I train all year in my (insulated) shed - it’s warmer than the house sometimes in the height of summer, and the 3 fans do the job. I have the door wedged a little open.