Outside vs Inside Cooling

Outside workout vs. Pain cave question: Am i the only one rides around outside comparing the cooling effect to the pain cave set up? Through an interval my brain will go: this cooling is amazing but i would hate this kind of ‘airflow’ in the pain cave.

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I’m the exact opposite, I always need more cooling indoors.

I even disposed of my sweat catcher as I felt it was disrupting too much airflow from the fan!


It’s interesting, I’ve spent so much time riding indoors that riding outdoors revealed some interesting things when I spent my recovery week outside a couple of weeks ago. I would go out in the morning when it was in the 70’s and humidity in the upper 90% range and my HR was way lower compared to inside with temps in the 70’s, humidity in the 60-70% range and with 2 lasko pro fans and 1 lasko cyclone fan. I wonder how many fans I’d need to replicate outdoors lol

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Im really liking outside riding. Its giving me a good blend of pacing on the road, plus bike handling, plus the cooling. I find it impossible to complete 3 min VO2max indoors and just about limp through the threshold stuff but with outdoors i can easily get through both VO2 and threshold intervals higher than target, assuming due to cooling. My pedals and turbo track almost identical anyway so i know it isn’t that…