How to augment semi-structured mtb rides with a weekly outdoors TR workout

I’m trying to create a TR plan that accommodates my fairly active typical week. This is to prepare for an enduro race (Ard Rock) in August.

On Saturday, I generally hill walk with my wife for around 5 hours.

I typically ride a 5 hour mtb ride every Sunday in challenging mountainous terrain, and this challenges my endurance, strength, and improves my technique. The terrain typically dictate the intensity, and thus a structured approach is not applicable but I can estimate the general benefits from these rides and will be able to calculate TSS.

My Tuesday evening ride is typically a social ‘sessioning’ evening where we informally repeat perhaps 10 times:

  1. a short descent (~1 minute) at high intensity
  2. a social climb back up - 10 minutes at approaching sweet spot due to the typically 20-25% climbs
  3. a 5 minute chat which acts as rest

I’m looking to plan a 90 minute Thursday ride that will be a 50/50 split on-road / off-road on relatively flattish terrain on easy gravel trails. This middle 50 minute trail section would lend itself fairly well to outdoors structured workouts. High intensity could work, as would up to 15 minute sustained effort repeats.

I’m looking for advice on how to create a TR plan that would acknowledge my Saturday / Sunday hill activities, and augment my Tuesday night informal ‘intervals’ with a quality structured Thursday workout that addresses any imbalances in my plan. If I create a LV plan, is there a way that I can indicate the expected benefits from Sunday and Tuesday’s sessions, and have TR recommend the Thursday session - I don’t think so. :thinking:

I’d struggle to accommodate any more training volume both in terms of stress and time; I also sprinkle a little yoga and mobility work throughout the week.