How to add TSS properly

In Podcast 172: How to Plan a Year of Training and Racing with Pete, they talk about how they plan to maintain a certain TSS for a specific time and if they are feeling good, they may increase it by 20-50. I understand not all TSS is equal and to be careful when increasing it, of which I have no intention at the moment, but may in the future.

My question: how do you add this TSS depending on what phase you are in?

  1. Choosing (+) variants of the prescribed workout?
  2. Extending workout time with some zone 2/3?
  3. Elevate the intensity?
  4. Add another interval?
  5. Ride an additional day if you have time?

And which days do you suggest to change it up?

A lot of it will depend on personal circumstances in time available. Some people maymay have extra day to train and do sweet spot or endurance like petit or baxter. Some may have longer each day so extend workout with extra 30-60mins endurance. Some will just do plus versions. No one right answer for everyone I’m afraid.

Thanks, I was just curious what the guys meant on the podcast when they casually mentioned adding tss. I didn’t know if there was a simple way they plan to add it in.

I do a combo of +1,2 whatever and custom workouts. I usually just open Workout Creator and add an interval to. So today I did McAdie adding a 5th interval.

I had McAdie today too! Impressive on adding another interval. I rode outside with friends this morning so I ended up doing McAdie -2 with just 3 intervals. I’m not sure if I could have done McAdie with a fifth interval!

I do like the idea of just adding another interval to some of the sweet spot workouts though; I just need to commit to the idea before starting the workout, huh?