Adding TSS to SSB

I decided a 2 weeks ago to go back to SSB1MV with everyone having to stay indoors. With all the free time I’ve got now, I figured why not add some low intensity volume. I think I’m going to add 30 mins of Z2 (65%) at the end of every workout. This would be an extra 110TSS per week. Does anyone think this would be too much stress? I’ve been through a TR build phase before with up to 500 TSS per week, it was tough, but manageable.


Of all of the ways to add TSS this is likely the one to leave you the most refreshed. Trying to add it through increased intensity usually ends up with people getting run down

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I think it sounds like a great idea. It’s quite nice just pedalling, at what feels like a nice easy pace, but knowing you’re doing yourself some good.

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Depending on “how” you tack this type of work on it can be extremely difficult as well.
For example I did Spanish Needle and threw in 90min of z2 endurance after just to do some endurance on already fatigued legs. It hurt.