How should I include a week long training camp into a training plan?

Hi all!

Recently return back to TR after far too long away from the platform. Loving it so far and really enjoying the AP system!

So, now to my question…
I have been wondering how to include a “training camp” into my current TR training plan. Currently I have booked the time off quite simply as… time off! Although the main goal of the week (it is actually 2 weeks, 1 in the UK this month and a 2nd week in Mallorca in March) will be to rack up Base miles (the UK week will be spent on the MTB with no power data), I am starting to think it’s extremely naive to count this as a week off.

I’m currently thinking that maybe I should put both weeks into the plan as a stage race and mark their importance as C. This way I will be able to predict a reasonably realistic TSS number for the week which will then have an impact on the following week(s).

I apologise in advance if this is a question that has been addressed before but I have failed to find an answer by searching.

Also, if adding an event is the best way to go, is it possible for me to do this when I am 4 weeks into my current plan? My main events this year are, in mid July, 205km/7000m elevation MTB event and then mid August a 560km/5600m elevation 24hr “tag team” road race.

Although I would rather not, if I were to start a new plan, will my progression from the already invested 4 weeks be taken into account or will the plan start again from scratch?

I hope that this all makes sense however, if not just say and I will try and explain things a bit clearer.

Thanks very much for any and all help in advance!

I’d add them as events as you suggest, then decide if you need to taper for them or not? Dont put them as time off as that implies no riding or fatigue build up.

You can try a few options and see which feels right to you eg C event with no taper, or perhaps you want to be fairly fresh going in so you can make the most of it and put them as a B with a taper etc. I personally wouldnt come to a week in the UK or Mallorca right off the back of constant TR training with no rest period if I was looking to maximise the benefits of a high mileage camp but YMMV.


Last time I did this I put it in as a stage race. It gave me a recovery week before and after, then a ramp test. It worked out really well and I saw a pretty substantial FTP boost after the camp.

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Thanks very much for the helpful advice. I’m going to do the week in England as a C and then see how it goes. I also tracked out to support and they advised/recommended associating a similar TSS/length workout to the ride in order for it to be taken into consideration with AT and progress levels.

I do want to make the most of the week in Mallorca though so tapering into it is probably the best way to go.