2 Week Training Camp!

I haven’t been able to find this specific information anywhere. I finally have the opportunity to do a 10-14 day training camp to help Peak my fitness before my A race. Before I book the camp, I am worried it is too far out/away from my race? Can anyone add some opinions to help me decide, the training camp would be from approximately July 17th to 28th, yet my A and final race for the year is August 19th. Is it worth it? Would I loose too much fitness? 3 to 3.5 weeks, depending on what I book, and travel… is quite a gap. I would be doing TR as well between that time in between after a few days of travel, yet… hoping not to loose anything?

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Not certain what your A event is, but 3-4 weeks out is a perfect time to bank a last big chunk of volume.

Given that it is two weeks long, you’ll need time to recover and taper so it should work out well, IMO. With a proper training plan, you won’t lose any fitness in the time in between.

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Thank you, the event is one of the hardest road races I’ve heard, in Brititsh Columbia, with punchy climbs and often brutal winds. It is 140 km long and just the layout of the course can go to unrelenting, to actually dangerous with extremely tight downhill corners. The training camp I can do is either with TrekTravel in the Dolomites for 10 days of riding. or SunTriSports which suggested Marbella Spain with 14 days of riding/recovery… a specific camp for my event, designed with them, for me for the same price…
Thank you for giving me a bit of confidence in the dream trip I’ve looked at for a few years… I assumed finishing a week or 2 before the event was better

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I did a two week long “training camp” on my own last spring. After the camp, I took one recovery week and then started gradually building towards my upcoming races.

After that recovery week I still felt pretty beat up and my workouts were kind of underwhelming but after a month I felt extremely good. This is of course individual but I’d say 3-4 weeks of recovery / taper afyer the training camp is pretty much ideal, at least for me.

Just make sure to get enough rest and do not put too much pressure on yourself. The fitness will be there. A handful of hard workouts between the training camp and your A-race should do the trick.

Thank you so much for your experience with similar training!!!