How ride TR workouts with all-out sprints (5/10/12/20) 30sec Power correctly indoor?

my FTP isn’t really high and so the workouts i looked arround for all out sprints have mostly a 30 sec target power of 428 Watt for me.
Outside i am able to do sprints (5/10/12 sec) over 1000 Watt, so how i can try them indoor?
i couldn’t find workouts with higher Power Targets for all out sprints then 30sec with 428 Watt?

Simply turn off Erg and do an all-out sprint. I do them seated inside and can hit pretty decent numbers.


thanks, that means with ERG off it’s possible to reach every power what i want or better able to do?

the question then is really only seated or out of the saddle, you think out of the saddle is possible indoor?

i am not sure, if my Neo2 with Bike is stable enough, not that i make an overturn indoor? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Seated, You can seriously damage your bike standing.


Pretty sure Justin Williams is doing ~2,000 watt sprints on his trainer (cuz it’s death to ride outside on the West Coast atm), so seated 1,000w sprints should be fine. Let ‘er rip.

[edit: sprint was NOT on a trainer! So maybe take it easy? :man_shrugging:]

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2000 Watt OMG :crazy_face:

anyway, thanks for all recommandations here, first i talked with a guy at my local Bike Dealer (before i started this thread) and he meant, i can do out of the saddle sprints on my Neo2.
Now i talked again with him and he changed his opinion! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, the guys are good at my local dealer!

EDITH: i checked the Strava Profile of Justin Williams WTF :crazy_face: :sunglasses: