Outdoor Workouts RPE

Tried an outdoor workout today and I found it a real challenge to meet the power targets. 200W inside is different to 200W outside. What do you think?

Maybe it because indoors you aren’t balancing the bike and can focus more on the pedalstroke? Whatever it is my legs really noticed the difference. Think I’ll have to try a few more to see it I can work it a bit better.

Are you using the same power source as indoors? If not, one of the powermeters could be off.

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It supposed to be technically easier to sustain power outdoors primarily due to air cooling effects but I can maintain power better indoors as I don’t have to worry about traffic etc. Although I can hit higher power numbers outdoors over a shorter distance.

Actually, good point. Indoors I use the Elite Drivo for power readings and outdoors I have Favero Assioma pedals.

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I do many (most) of the TR workouts outdoors using a power meter. The key for me is to pick the right terrain. Usually that is hill repeats on a 10 or 20 min 4-6% grade for SS, or a 10-17% 1-3 min climb for VO2 max and above. Most often, I just use the crit track near my work at lunch. Due to traffic, it is hard to be perfect on target but I can do pretty well, and just do my best. I think the other key is to get on target, NOT to try for an average lap power. I’ve had good results. But…I’m going back to indoors for the next block of training, as it’s better I think for the mental game.