Favorite TR sprint workout...what's your pick?

Ok, sprinters, let’s hear your fav TR workout.

No Pettit, no Whorl. :wink: Those are MY favorites.

Backbone +5 @110%

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I’m looking to improve my sprint, but the TR sprint workouts seem a bit advanced/complex. In the past I’ve had good results improving short power by focusing on max efforts, so when its time my plan is to do something simple like start with 2-4 sets of full gas 4x15-sec (15-sec full gas, 15-sec recovery) efforts. Then after a couple weeks reassess. So I guess you could say Pettit +1 on steroids.

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Fuji or Berryessa

I have always done them in ERG mode, but keep planning on resistance mode the next time so as to not be limited by the ERG mode.

While not TR, I sometimes do something similar on Zwift. For example, I’ll pick a short loop course like Volcano circuit, Volcano CCW, or LaGuardia Loop. After a 10-15min warmup, do a max effort 20s sprint each lap (4-6min) Repeat at least 6x.

This type of workout is what I do when I really don’t feel like doing anything :smile:

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None. Sprints are much better outside.

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My limited experience so far with ERG mode on my Atom is that trying to do very short duration higher power intervals isn’t that great. The power takes a second or so to adjust up and then fluctuates a bit due to the nature of full gas efforts

In contrast - just going for it outdoors on my bike and using my Wahoo as a guide for time feels easier to manage and ultimately more productive (for me at least)

For these reasons I’m going to try loading a TR workout on my Wahoo head unit (if I can figure out how to do that) and see what the outdoor workout is like for one of the sprint training options

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