Time off the bike and trainer between seasons?

I live where there is a very definite riding season, and we are now entering the throws of winter. I typically take a week to 10 days off the bike and trainer as an official “end” to the season in December as I like my new season/build phase to start around Christmas. I may even take 2 full weeks this year.

I’m curious what others do in regard to taking time off the bike and trainer between seasons? No break, a week, 2 weeks?

I do 4-6 weeks of nothing planned. If I want to get on the bike I get on the bike, but nothing structured and stay off the trainer for the most part.

This is fairly typical and sometimes called your “transition period” (10-14 days or even more if you’ve had a really intense season and you are very fatigued). You don’t even necessarily have to get off the bike. You can do super easy spins while watching TV, “pressure on the pedals” as it is called, go for a joy ride down town, easy hikes or walks, do some upper body workouts at the gym, yoga, etc. I do all of these things intermixed throughout the week. My season ended a few weeks ago and I just ended my transition period beginning of last week, now back to the gym two times a week for leg work and most of my bike workouts are leg speed related or just super easy, low end endurance zone.