How many people train but don't race (or do 'timed' events)

I do modify plans as necessary. Perhaps I have a TT, or need more recovery time, or simply look at a workout and fancy something else ( not necessarily easier).
So long as one is honest with oneself, plans can be modified if they still contribute to the overall goal.

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I also don’t race. I’m solely a mountain biker, mainly on a Sunday morning with a handful of midweek stuff throughout the year such as uplift days or trail centres.

I train to just be better. Faster than I was before, faster than the next guy. Fitter, healthier, BETTER.

I train indoors because it is efficient and convenient. I can get the workout done before anyone gets up and thus not affecting my family/work time.

I did one race last year (Ardrock Enduro) but for fun, no chance of placing. I’m doing it again this year and hope to do better, but its still just for fun. I have scheduled my training this year focused on this “race” but its inconsequential, I’d still be doing the training with or without it.


I am new to cycling (Dec 2017) and was strictly doing it for the health and social aspects of group rides like BRAG.
But, being a former high school sprinter, my competitive spirit has been looming.
Something happened last December where I had a big plateau breakthrough and jumped from 18.5mph to 21.5 mph in my 20K training. I now feel I am capable of competing in the Senior Olympics (67 here). Just ordered a Kickr Core and will be begin to get real serious about the racing aspect. I am still signed up for all the group rides this year. There is no cycling in this area to speak of, certainly no group of seniors.


For me, I don’t need to compare myself to anyone else through competition. I can get the same sense of accomplishment knowing how long and how fast I am on the bike solo or in a group (I mostly ride solo) with my stats. Being an outcome driven person, that keeps my drive to do “the grind”. As an aside, after having read Friel’s Fast After 50, his opinion is that high-intensity is the biggest factor in maintaining or minimizing fitness loss and one reason why we see such a decline in the aging population is that people simply lose the motivation to go deep and switch over to less stressful long-slow-distance which has less impact on maintaining fitness.


I’ve never done a bike race in my life. I’ve been training in my basement in the winter for decades. So how do I view indoor training? Apart from cross-country skiing and running on ice, it’s the only way to train aerobically in the winter here, unless you’re into packing yourself into a gym with a bunch of other people (which I’m not). And it’s the most efficient way (in terms of results over total time invested) to keep in shape in the winter, in my opinion. As for more intense workouts, no money, no candy, as they say. It’s part of getting in shape, whatever the sport.


I train for the fun of it and to keep fit. I plan some events each year, normally Grand Fondo type events. Each year my aim is to get further through them stronger. At the moment that is about 60 miles in :smile: The times will get better because of that, but I don’t worry too much about times. I am thinking of making my own challenge. Cycle to the office and back, that would be about 160 miles.

At times I feel the indoor training and getting faster is highlighted too much. Cycling is about being outside and on the bike. I totally get it for racers, but I like being out in the countryside on my bike. I enjoy it more due to the training and Trainerroad.


I’ve been riding for 3 years, been on TR for 2. Never done a race; hopefully, I may get to try one soon. I have been using TR to get better at my weekend group rides ( riding with a bunch of older fast guys 10-20 years older :() and get fitter. 2 years ago I was getting dropped on warmups(15-18mph). Currently able to keep up with 26-30mph sprints and still getting better. Plus I don’t need to be in a crowded gym to get fitter and healthier and it is FUN!!@!!!

I pick my plan simply on the basis of how much I think I’m going to enjoy the workouts and available time. Right now I’m doing Sprint Distance Triathlon HV but I don`t run and don’t swim!

Never race. No interest.

Happily can do mid volume TR SSB build and speciality plans. Just happy to get fitter.

I don’t really train to race. Only timed events I do are long gravel endurance rides and the time is for me to measure progress - not race.
I am training to complete long endurance events strong and to be able to climb. I live at flat sea level and struggle when I travel to places like Colorado. Being able to sit in the sweet spot for long periods should help me with sustained climbing.

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Never raced. Train to manage the climbs that we do on vacations in Europe.

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I love the intense workouts, tbh I’m a bit hybrid in that I haven’t totally given up racing so jumps in FTP are still motivating.

I only took up road biking after injuring my foot while running. I joined a local cycling club with plenty of fast riders. I’m using TR mainly so that I can keep up on their fast rides (18-20 mph).

I might take up some of the Beginner Racing Program or CX training camps in the area. However, my main goal is to do some gran fondos at a faster clip than what I can do today

I’m with you. I don’t race yet. I say yet, because it takes so much motivation to complete the TR workouts, it seems that there should be a goal at the end all the efforts.

This is the logic behind all the badges and trophies etc which other apps reward you.

TR is not a social platform, it is a training tool. Other cycling apps, even though they may offer training plans, are much more about social media. I’m guessing a minority percentages of those users actually race, which means the majority of users use these digital rewards as carrots. I know I certainly did before I decided to start racing again.

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How many of you train, don’t race but have a power meter (not counting the one in your smart trainer)?

I played tennis for the first time after starting my TR workouts. I didn’t tire as much as I thought.

I’m a former racer, and when I started riding after 6 years off, my performance was pitiful. Given our snowy winter in Northeast Washington, I decided to use trainer road to make it so I could keep up on group rides and enjoy events like fondos and centurys. I’ve seen a huge jump in fitness, but I have no desire to pin on a number and “turn the pedals in anger”.

I am a racer, however this year it may not be in the cards. I have events on my TR calendar but because of the newborn and my work, they may not happen. So, my motivation this year is similar to the non racers.

I went through first baby without any kind of fitness or event or other goal, and it sucked a lot. I just resigned myself to that part of my life being over, at least for a time, and I think the whole family suffered for it. This time, I know competition is probably unrealistic, but I learned that I love the process as much or more than the competition. I think to be successful racing long term that has to be true. The process is the part to really enjoy, and racing is the icing on the cake. So this year, I enjoyed the challenge of SSBMV plans, and the gains I’ve seen in their completion. Working through sustained power build low vol “plus” now and finding it a cathartic break from daddyhood for 30-90min per day.

If you don’t enjoy the process, then change the process. Odds are you’ll race better when you enjoy the time spent preparing to do so. I look forward to racing again, but the process is enjoyable too!

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What about people training to make other people suffer in group rides? that can be pretty motivating