Hello from Tempe, Arizona

Not sure where to post this, but as a new member I just wanted to say hello.

I have been reading here for a bit, haven’t yet signed up to use TR, and have a lot of questions (that I’ll try to search for before asking).

I’m an older, fatter, outofshaper sort of guy who loves road cycling. I finally picked up a new bike a couple of months ago after years being off one. I’ve been trying a few of the current apps with my trainer, and have become interested in TR. I liked Big-Z at first but it is losing its novelty. I have been using RGT more frequently and like it quite a bit, mostly riding workouts imported from TrainingPeaks. I hope they manage to be successful, as they are doing good stuff. I haven’t taken to any of the ‘virtual rider over real footage’ options - feels weird-ish (pardon my overly technical terminology).

I ride for fun, but I would also like to have some structured fitness. I don’t intend to race, but I would like eventually to try some longer rides and famous climbs, or even LBS group rides that I can’t hang with today (I can’t keep up with even the slow no-drop groups - pathetic, but it’s where I’m at for now).

For a while I suppose I’d just be concentrating on general fitness, weight loss, endurance basics. As far as I can tell, TR has me covered here, and it’s not just for the racers…correct?

This looks like a great community, so thanks for having me.



Welcome. Yes, TR is also for “non-racers” and those that are just looking for fitness and strength in more general terms.

Here are some existing discussions worth a look:

Well as Chad said and it is an exceptional community. Lots of great information in the site and definitely participate in a couple of group workouts. They are quite fun and motivating.

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Welcome! I think there are a lot of us here with goals similar to yours (my nemesis and primary measure of success are the local solo hill climbs), so you’re in good company! If you have any starter questions, feel free to ask! There are also plenty of us with codes so you can try TR for a month if you want to dip your toe in and try it.

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Thanks, everyone. I’m excited about it all.

I appreciate the welcome.

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I train frequently in Tempe and Scottsdale. I’m a pretty fast rider but I do enjoy taking others out and riding at the pace comfortable for them, or pushing them if they like. You may see me around in Team Santini kit, black and blue. Your always welcome to come ride with me and my little group of C pace riders!