How many people train but don't race (or do 'timed' events)

I do it as a complement to my tennis. I played tennis past weekend, after about 5 weeks of SSB LV1, and found that I didn’t tire as easily. (My right arm hurt for 2 days though)

As per the book “Bike for Life: How to ride to 100 and beyond” by Roy Wallack, tennis is a good complement to cycling, as the twisting/sideways motions are quite opposite to those on the bike. It’s another sport that is friendly for very old players as well.

My main interest is in gran fondos, though I may dabble in racing to get a feel of it. I only started cycling in the fall of 2018 due to running-related injuries.

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I race, and my training is laid out based on a few A races, but I love the process of training more than the actual races. In fact, I’m fairly sure I would be almost as compliant with training, even if I didn’t have a race to train for. But I would want some sort of goal at least.

I have a friend who started doing indoor workouts with me (there’s now 4 of us in my garage a couple nights per week!) and he does not race. He loves to suffer though. And his motivation to get back out to our weekly rides and “put a hurt on some of them young bucks”. He’s 55. I think getting him set up on TR really sealed the deal. He used to hate riding indoors, now he texts me and says it looks like rain (5% chance in SoCal) and we should stay indoors :joy:


This is precisely the reason I started using TR. I was out of shape and would get absolutely thrashed on climbs (MTB). Now I am firmly #TeamMidPack on the climbs and I have plenty of legs left to drop the hammer on the fun parts too.

I do enjoy casual races or timed events on the MTB for fundraisers or the like, however there are next to none in my area so I might do one or two of those this year if I can find them.
I have done SSB LV 1 and 2. I started short power build but with my work schedule bouncing all over the place I have come to the realization that I’ll be doing SSB on repeat for now.

I’ll start racing upon commencing my short power build. I’m eager to compare my gains, as of now I’ve done a few group rides and I’m pretty pleased so far.

I don’t race but will be doing a few race events this year for motivation to train. I’ll be doing 2 gravel races and hopefully the Carson City Off-road with the intention of just putting in a good effort and making riding more social.

Is that part 1 or 2. Or both in sequence repeated.
There is a significant difference between them both as plans as pt 2 is much more threshold orientated than pt 1

So I dont race. I’ve done one race in the years I’ve been riding. Mostly, I use TR to be faster than I was before and better sustain on day long outings. I’m doing SSB 1 and 2 HV, a sustained power build and then repeat ad nauseam. I like being fit, I like being fast but dont race. Nothing against it, in fact I love watching racing and learning but I just dont have a whole lot of desire to mix it up :man_shrugging:

“Is that part 1 or 2. Or both in sequence repeated?”
I’m going to try SSB1 Mid Volume first and see how that goes. SSB2 is quite a lot tougher so we’ll see if I have to bump that back down to low volume.
I’m an instructor for a transit agency and my job has me working day, Swings and Graveyard shifts in no particular order. It’s gotten pretty rough over the last year and has made it really hard to get into a rhythm of sleeping eating. This is why I bailed on my power build plan.