How long can you realistically base

I’m new to cycling. Only 2 weeks of structured training, and no races until next year. Would it be worth while to just work on a huge sweet spot base? I am 24 an ex D1 track athlete 800m and mile use to putting in large amounts of my time on the road. I’m a bigger rider 6’1, 185 lbs, and 10% body fat. I don’t have a power meter so no FTP, I train off feel and HR combined. I am on a high volume sweet spot base and feeling great about it. Just wondering how long I can push it or if I even should before going into a build phase.

Short answer : you an build base for years.
I’d guess that your body can release a lot of energy for 2-6min, which should translate to some high Vo2 power in the 2-5min range.
Modify your training for your goals (wouldn’t need more base if you want to race track (velodrome) but if you want to bang out centuries or stage races, more base would always benefit you.
Try to score a used powermeter, they can be found for cheap and will help you tons.

“Base”, I’m guessing lower intensity work, is undertaken to build greater aerobic functions; all cycling disciplines — even track — are aerobically based and derived (e.g. German 4000m WR 2000 Olympic team). Lots of base is going to help you across the board.

You can always replicate Nate’s endless summer of Sweet Spot and just keep repeating SSB1 & 2.

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The main thing about training is what is your training Goal? If you are going to race, Crits or TT’s, Road races. Each need different training to some extent. Training to feel and HR will achieve some results. But to train specifics you will need a power meter and Do test to find your FTP. If you only train in sweetspot you will get good at 88-94% FTP. What happens when a sprint is needed, VO2 max efforts will push that a bit and will also help when doing the Ramp test. It is worth while if new to cycling to get a good base so 16 to 24 weeks is aout okay. Remember to Ramp test when things feeling too easy.