How important is the weekly increment of TSS?


I’m going to start SSB low volume 1 next week, but I’d like to add a 2-5 hour outdoor ride on the weekend. Let’s say I go for a 5 hour ride (~250 TSS) on the first weekend, and then go for a 2 hour ride (~100 TSS) on the next weekend, that would make the first week’s TSS higher than the second week’s TSS. Would that be recommended or is a weekly increase in TSS essential for adequate training?

Adding in those extra rides is perfectly okay and will not hurt your training. That is unless you tire yourself out for your interval days on the trainer and can’t complete them. Many people actually choose a low volume plan so that they can add some outdoor rides into their plan each week. Your training isn’t only about the TSS progression but also about the progression of the workouts throughout the plan.

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+1 to this. This is exactly what I do. I do all low volume plans, but ideally end up with 400+ TSS each week. If don’t get to ride outside, I will either add an ‘endurance’ workout to my plan or nothing – but I stick with the low volume workout progression regardless.

I think this is a better option than choosing mid-vol and skipping workouts. Although no one has confirmed this, I feel as if the low-vol workouts are more intense to account for the lower TSS, so on weeks I don’t have supplemental rides, I think the low-vol plan is better due to intensity.