How does TR account for replacing rides with runs?

If I run instead of ride, how does TR take that into account with adaptive training? I’ll be missing TSS from my trend data in GoldenCheetah, but will TR be able to take into account the run with HR data?

you can estimate TSS and add it - don’t think it affects adaptive training though!

  • Nope, it won’t do that. There is not a real connection to other sports in the current version.

AT will see you skipped a bike workout and most likely downgrade the next workout in that training zone.



I did notice that auto FTP detection did incorporate improvements from running (when I wasn’t riding), so it may adjust in that way to some extent.

As Chad already said, Adaptive Training doesn’t take your runs into account when modifying your plan at this time – only your TR workouts done on the bike (inside or outside).

AI FTP Detection doesn’t either – it will only use data from your bicycle rides as of now (but it does incorporate all of your ride data – whether it’s from a TR workout or any “unstructured” ride!).

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This season (starting mid-Dec), I switched my plan to Polarized LV and add my runs around the prescribed bike workouts. So far, it seems to be working reasonably well. Big caveat - I’m just trying to build some running base after a few years of mostly cycling, so the runs are easy to tempo pace, no track work and no threshold work yet. Not sure how it will go once I move into Build and Speciality phases, with the extra work on the bike.

I also tried building a triathlon plan, which does add prescribed runs to the plan. But, it also adds swims, and I got tired of removing those and moving things around. So, decided to try the above instead.