How do I plan my training for next 4 weeks?

I have a FTP score of 172. Am 76 Kgs and 59 years only. I play a number of other sports besides cycling though cycling is my favourite. I have a scheduled for cycling in Dolomites in 5 weeks from now. How do I plan the training for next 4 weeks?

You’re not going to change much in 5 weeks.

I’d address practical things. Assuming you’re going to be doing long rides on your trip, do a handful of long rides over the next four weeks to test ride comfort, hydration and nutrition. The things that can make the difference btwn fun and misery - especially ride comfort! Throw in a few efforts as terrain dictates, but more for fun than for the training efect.

The week before your trip, take things very easy.

Rest well when you come back.



Agree with @Helvellyn

Have you done any TR plans since January?

Do some long rides, make sure you’re comfortable on the bike, plan some good routes in RideWithGPS, read up on fuelling and make sure to plan for that as well :slight_smile:

Dolomites is amazing, but also very far between stops/gas stations. So plan accordingly!

This is the most important. Some longer rides in the next couple weeks to test out nutrition, hydration and comfort. Your fitness will likely change very little unless you’re coming off the couch.

BUT you could definitely dig yourself a deep hole of fatigue if you try to cram in a bunch of training in the next month. You don’t want to start your vacation super tired.

Normal training for the next 3 weeks with at least 2 long rides with a decent amount of climbing as similar to the dolomites as you can manage to make sure you’ve got the right gearing. Then take it really, really easy for the last week to feel ready to go and motivated at the start of your trip.

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Thanks Helvellyn

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A few random rides with TR mostly aimed at HIIT

Then I guess I would do weeks 1, 2, 3 and 6 of Sweet Spot Base I, Low Volume.

@Ravinder This is a great opportunity to use Plan Builder! Even though you only have a few weeks before your event, you can still get a plan in place to fit some training stimulus in and also to ensure that you’re following a taper and not taking on too much stress the week of your event.

As @Helvellyn mentioned earlier, you’re not likely to gain a lot of fitness in time for your event between now and then, but getting the body moving and your setup dialed in is definitely time well spent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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