How do I get more defined leg muscles?

Are you open to plastic surgery and/or tattooing?


The sad news is everyone has different genetics, and some folks just lost the lottery when it comes to certain body parts. Derek on “More Plates More Dates” just recently did a video on how he has $hitty Abs and there is almost nothing he can do to make them look good. Me personally, I have no chest. If you are already lean, but your legs still look puffy, it may be counter-productive to try to get leaner to show them off. You may have to get to a point of leaness that makes you less healthy. I would say learn to love them.

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Human body doesn’t work like that. If you have 10% body fat you’re slim all over. Might be a sign of body dismorphia, or you aren’t at 10% BF. Either way, I’m sure you looo fine.


This is true. I thought the same (OP touch of dysmorphia - seeing what isn’t there / not seeing what is). Tho I second my initial post that, tho you may not think you have spindly legs, if you are 171 cm, 63kg, you definitely do. Heavy lifts will change it, riding the bike more prob won’t.

There you go.

Start doing high effort intervals. Also, plan on adding mass.

I am sitting at about 66 Kg right now, with a similar height and FTP. But I also do a lot of sprint work as I race MTB and do a lot of rock climbing. If I dropped some more fat I could get to 64 Kg, 63 is a huge stretch without getting uncomfortable in life and potentially losing upper body muscle mass that I don’t want to lose. 65 is my happiness sweet spot (I get to eat lots of cake still, but also decent wait).

But also, my GF last night “I’m glad you wore shorts tonight, I got to see your legs.” when we went to the climbing gym (I normally climb in pants). I honestly don’t care what I look like, but, that is kinda nice to hear.

Lift weights.



Sharpies work too


further to this, I’d suggest uni-lateral exercises.

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Genetics mostly and lifting

Muh boi knows. Ass to grass!

I bet if you saw a photo of your legs when you are using them, ie on the bike when you are normally looking at the road ahead and not at your legs, you would be surprised how muscular they look.

4.6W/kg. I’m envious. I’d be super pleased with 4.6. Just smash it on the hills to boost your sense of self worth :slight_smile:

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