How can I maintain fitness over a 60 day work related break from my bike?

I am moving to Germany for work and I will likely be without my bike for up to 60 days.

My two questions:

I have 10 days before my bike gets packed up. How can I best use these 10 days to prepare for the time off?

How can I maintain my current level of fitness over this long break?

I was away for work a bit and my coach had me:

a) Perform core exercises using kettlebells if you have a gym or can take them, or hotel furniture if you can’t - chairs for tricep dips, planks, bodyweight exercises etc

b) On a gym running machine or outdoors, a daily 10k run incorporating a mid-run 10 mins of 1 min on/off “not quite sprints” or as hard as you can for a minute. I’m not a runner so there could be a proper running term for this…

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Look into renting a bike. It’s not popular in American but seems to be much more prevalent in Europe. You could also pay to ship your bike directly to be without it less.

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In response to your first question, there’s nothing you can do due to the amount of time you’re having off.

Second question, you won’t be able to maintain your fitness if you’re not going to cycle at all.

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