Best way to maintain fitness on one ride a week?

Or at least minimize loss. Do to grape harvest I’m working 14 hour days 6 days a week which only allows me to ride 1 day. What would be the best riding to maintain fitness? Short and high intensity, long and low? Sweet spot? Rest?


There won’t be a way to maintain your fitness. It’s only one day.

There is a way (I think) to make the most of that time. Change the question: “What would be the best riding to make me feel awesome?”

Or at least minimize loss

Set the bike up on the trainer and then force yourself to ride 30 minutes a day at Z2. Don’t do any hard intervals. You may be exhausted from working all day and just want to sit on the couch but I’d bet you could force yourself to pedal for 30 minutes.

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A really long ride…

But considering it’s your only day off, you’d probably be better off using it to recover.

Try to squeeze something into the work days, maybe commute by bike? Do you have a lunchbreak you could go for a run in?

You might need to accept that a 84 hour work week doesn’t leave much time for a hobby. Maybe something to get back to once you’re working a bit less?

I’d consider Galena+3.

4*20mins at 90%. Long enough intervals to make some difference. Even wind it down to 85%

I’m with stevepetts. I would try and do a long SS workout if you wanted to maintain as much as possible.

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My first thought was that would be a bad idea after a few weeks. Fitness on only one ride a week is going to plummet after 3-4 weeks I’d think.

I like the suggestion of trying to get that 30 minutes in on as many days you can. You can do a lot in those 30 minutes.

Challenging times for you though. Don’t burn out!