Running when I can’t ride

Am keen to do a 2 d 350km ride in November. Training has been patchy due to FIFO work. Am just finishing a low vol base build.
In a week or so I will be away for a month without a bike. Plan to run (am not a runner) to keep some cardio. When I get back I will go back into a new sweet spot base set.
Any ideas to keep what current fitness I have whilst off the bike? Or better ideas for when I get back pre event?
My event goals are realistic!

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Do you have any training equipment available? E.g. Hotel gym?

If not then running may be your only option for maintaining aerobic fitness and endurance. Just be careful not to overdo it as can be quite easy to injure yourself if you have a big aerobic base from cycling but your legs aren’t used to running. Other thing I would recommend is doing some body weight circuits to maintain general conditioning. Push ups, lunges, crunches, squat jumps, burpees, etc.


Thanks for the reply.

Will be on a touring road trip with a camper and the family so probably limited options for much other than running I think! Was going to take a bike but having it on the roof for 6000+ km including some off-road is not so kind to it

It maybe depends partly on when your events are and how important they are to you.

Running will certainly maintain some fitness but you need to weigh that up against the risk of possible injury, especially as you don’t normally run.

Personally, if it was me, I’d rather take a full month off and enjoy my holiday and be raring to go when I get back home than risk injury and therefore spoil my holiday and hampering any training plans when I get home.

Having said that, some people can run without any issues at all so there’s maybe only small risk in giving it a go and seeing what happens. But I’d still prioritise holiday enjoyment over training

Sounds awesome, I’m jealous! Though I would also be looking at bike racks for the rear of the camper and/or an old beater bike that you don’t care about so much…

Then I need to take the kids’ bikes as well!!! I have been so close to bringing a beater… still may change my mind!

Best advice ever. Will take that on board

that’s a long time off the bike, can you get in a gym and use a spin bike, or join a spin studio for the time?

Can you put a hitch mount rack on the back of your trailer? Bikes won’t catch much air. Take a bike for everyone – less use of the car and you can train.