Hitchless Bike Rack

Since I do all of my training on the bike on my trainer indoors, I haven’t really had the need for a bike rack. When I’d travel to races, I’d just remove my wheels and lay my bike frame down (drive side up) and put it in my car. However, I’m looking to get a nicer bike and am looking at bike racks.

I drive a Subaru Crosstrek without a hitch so I’m looking at getting a hitch-less rack vs adding a hitch and getting a nicer rack. Anyone have experience with the hitchless racks? Are ones that sit on top of car vs strapped to hatch better/worse?

If your car has roof rails already then cross rails and a Thule bike carrier would work well.

I’ve used Sea Suckers for the last 6 years and they have done everything I’ve needed them to. Easy to swap between cars as and when needed and store in a cupboard off the car when not in use.

Depending on the size of your bike the Crosstrek might be able to handle and ‘insider rack’. Pretty simple to make - a bit of wood, some rubber mat, and some truckbed type rack fixings. Totally secure and keeps the bike out of highway spray, bugs etc.


Sea Sucker, or just out a hitch on. I installed a hitch on my Honda Accord Coup and Ford Escape for less than $160 each.

I done something similar in my Tahoe. I also bought a roll of absorbent mat (like you see in a garage for oil spills) that I put under the bike in the case of rainy wet days, this way it drips on to the mat and gets soaked up instead of pooling on the rubber mat.


That mat is a great idea.

I second the Seasucker. Expensive. But future-proof. Used to attatch it to a Jetta. Now it goes on the rear hatch of a Ford Escape. Unless we pull our trailer and then I mount it on the roof. I also use it on the back window of my pick up to hold the bike in the bed.

Used it on a few rentals and on friend’s cars. Easy to travel with and will fit on nearly anything. Zero concerns about holding a bike. All those vacuums are nearly overkill. Super resilient.

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I use a Saris Bones to take my bike to races etc. I like it, it’s super easy to take on and off, and the bike is really secure. I’ve only used it on my one car so I don’t know how easy it is to swap around between cars.

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The Bones is super versatile as well. I used to sell them and never came across a vehicle it wouldn’t fit. Should fit nearly every sedan, wagon, or SUV. Any "conventional* vehicle.

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+1 for the Sea Sucker. Use for road and mtn bikes and on different cars.