Best bike rack for hitch

I used to have a Kuat which I liked. Haven’t needed on for several years but now I’m back in the market.

Needs to go in a truck, preferably on the hitch.

Only needs to hold 2 bike

Mountain and road need to fit

Wants something that will last

What’s your favorite option?

1 Up is the best I’ve seen and used, hands down.


Bullet proof. Easily expandable. Relatively expensive. Extremely easy to use.


Here’s a good article for you:

I’ll add my vote for Kuat NV 2.0

I have a roof rack on my car but put a 2" receiver on my wife’s car for the Kuat rack. She normally has it setup as a two bike carrier but when going to Nats or a stage race we put the 4 bike extender on it (5 minute job). It is super stable even with 4 bikes. My only complaint is the built in cable locks could be a bit longer when you are concerned with locking both f/r wheels and frame.

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+1 for 1UP. American Made and just fantastic quality, materials, construction, and ease of use.


I have a Kuat. Expensive but rock solid. It also looks pretty sharp - and let’s face it, us cyclists are picky about how our equipment looks!

Love my Kuat Sherpa 2.0

I just looked at the Sherpa vs. the NV. Sherpa looks like it could be a winner for me.

Anyone have a Sherpa that isn’t a fan?

The 1up is also great looking and I like the fact it doesn’t weigh a ton. Definitely a contender.

I’ve got the 1-up as well. I got the smaller receiver so I can put it on my Honda or my truck. Works with my kids bikes (as seen in the picture), all the way up to my 29er. And we have two trays, but I usually only have one on the rack as I’m primarily the only one who goes mountain biking.


Another thumbs up for the 1-Up. Dead simple to use, easy to remove, secure, back-up camera still works, the list goes on.


1UP, like everyone else has said, simple to use and secure. I’ve used it on a couple of trips across several states, never an issue.


Did anyone say 1-Up yet? If not 1-Up.


Anybody have any experience (or know someone) with the RockyMounts swing away rack?

I recommend Thule because there’s nothing like it. I’ve removed the other two arms but this rack is for 3-4 bikes. By the way this rack is called Velocompact 3.

Listen to @Jonathan and Steve discuss racks in TheMTBPodcast. Episode 42

If you want to get nerdy with them, there are always arguments on MTBR’s forums about which rack is better due to every sort of reason you can ever imagine … and then some.

I WANT THAT (Bike) rack! Not available in the USA apparently. At least not on the USA site. Has what I have been wanting. Love the taillights built in.

Guess I will stick with my T2 for now.

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Sorry! I didn’t know that it was market specific. Don’t really understand why though… :thinking: The only downside would be that one needs expert organizational skills to make room for three mtb’s even if two of them are in size small.

I’ve been using my 1Up since the summer of 2013 and it has been absolutely flawless the whole time regardless of if I’m hauling road, gravel or mtb back there. There is really nothing to break or become ratty. The single tray folded up on my 350Z allow the blinkers and licenseplate are still clearly visible. With the double tray (which I don’t use on the Z because if it’s pitiful tongue weight rating) folded up, it does not block the license plate on a Ford Fusion or Nissan Pathfinder. Also, the upsweep of the bikes keeps it from hitting the ground while going into driveways. If you are looking to carry more than 3 bikes, make sure to get the 2" version.