Hot weather ramp test issues

So we’ve had unusually hot weather in the UK recently and I took my scheduled ramp test yesterday. In my training room (dining room) the temp started at 24.1 degrees C and after 20ish mins of the ramp test it was just over 26 degrees.

My training has been semi-consistent but about the same consistency as I usually manage and I was expected to maintain or maybe get a small bump in ftp. I ended with a 9W drop (317 > 308) but when I did my last test the room was at least 5-6 degrees cooler.

How much of an effect does this temperature difference have on the test results? I’m going to stick to my new (lower) ftp as I figured that’s what I could manage in the conditions and will be doing the workouts in this block with similar conditions but I’m interested to know if anyone has any experience with this kind of performance decrease in the heat?

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As I understood it, it can make quite a difference. Correct me if I am wrong, but the blood in your veins will go more to the surface of your skin to dissipate heat, thus moving blood (and oxygen) away from your muscles, thereby lowering your performance.

But you can solve that perhaps by installing a couple of fans to chill yourself? That’s what I do. But it’s not easy in this heat.

I also have a FTP test scheduled this evening… already anxious. It’s 23 celcius in my room, typically it’s 18-19.

Some tricks to counter hot room training (assuming heat training is not desired).

  • As much air flow as possible. More fans than you might think you need even. I run 2 blowers and one circular, on high as soon as I am warmed up.
  • Cold drinks to help cool your core temp from the inside.
  • Mesh base layer, with cold water dripped on the shoulders, upper chest and entire back. The initial feel of the cold water is refreshing. The rest evaporates and aids cooling for me better than pure sweat and no jersey.

Well, the weather has turned in the UK now, gonna be overcast and drizzly for the next two weeks. Do it again and see how it turns out!

Haha, I’m a Tuesday tester normally, but saw the forecast and waited a day!

Its not just the ramp test.
Everything sucks even more when the temperature rises.
Have you try to run a 5k on 85 degrees and 98% humidity with full sun? Its like getting kick on the teeth!
As a Florida resident, I stop training for marathons in the summer. Is very frustrating when you cant hit your targets because the weather sucks!

I think this has been an issue for me lately. I put a thermometer in my workout room and noticed temps started at 72 and were 78 by the middle of my workout. I’ve felt it as I feel a bit overheated when I’m struggling. I also think it’s affecting sleep at night. I dropped the AC 2 degrees for sleep and doing workouts earlier. Going to get another blower fan.

9w from 317 is -2.8% so not a huge drop. As I understand it the training benefits of intervals come within a range so the absolute wattage your holding isn’t likely to make a massive difference.

To illustrate this take a look at your wattage for a given % of FTP

% of FTP: old (new) diff
90% - 285 (277) -8
80% - 253 (246) -7
70% - 221 (215) -6
60% - 190 (184) -6
50% - 158 (154) -4

There is a formula to calculate how much heat your body is producing at certain power.
A close room with min air circulation can get hot pretty quick.
I started using 2 pedestal fans and probably getting a strong floor fan later this year for this reason.
I also set the AC to 72 degrees while wo. At least keep the room at a decent temperature.

I got a cooling vest to battle the temperatures in my garage. Have not done a ramptest wearing it, but my heart and sweat rate definetly dropped while wearing it! Was more affordable then I expected too:

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I threaten to bring the bike and trainer to the office. I am sitting here where the thermometer reads 68F (20C) at 2.5’ (about 3/4 meter) from the 10 foot ceiling! Down vest, heavy long sleeve insulated jacket.

AC can’t keep my workout area cool enough. The stench off my body would be the problem if I workout first thing in the am here. No showers available.

Hi, so tonight I’ve had a similar experience, but with a slightly bigger drop in FTP, which I’m pretty annoyed about. I’m curious to know if you re-tested in noticeably cooler conditions and how that went?
I’m searching for explanations for where my legs & lungs have gone after a pretty solid 14 week block. Outdoor form is okish, but I’m falling apart on the trainer.

How many fans do you have?
What the tempeture?

Just the one fan (10inch roughly) and temp was about 25°C

Even in Cooler temp, Cooling great for controlling Core temp. I have an 20" Pro Breeze floor fan (Air Blower) On a remote controlled switch ( Dewewils come as a pack of 3) + a 12 in Floor standing fan on a separate remote controlled switch. The air blower being low down i have tilted up to blow over legs and lower Body, and the Tall standing fan points at me straight on over face and arms and blows over my upper body. Being on the remotes allows me to warm up and switch the fans on when i want. You just have the fans pre-selected to their high speed setting. Lots of people have been recommending the carpet dryer air blowers, they are currently out of stock the ones recommended for UK buying. (Keeping expense down, not wanting the industrial version)