Hot spot on feet when riding

I’m struggling with a hot spot on one foot when riding. It happens across multiple shoes and I’m struggling to fix it.

The hot spot is more pronounced post ride but I can definetly feel it during a ride after about an hour.

I get it through 3 different shoes, 2 x brand of shoe, indoor and outdoor.

I’ve tried to move the cleat position on one of the shoes to see if this fixes it, but not had any luck.
The 2 shoes the same brand (fizik) are a 1/2 size different so I don’t think I’m wrapping them up to tightly.

Any fixes out there that have worked for people?

Try moving your cleat position? Maybe to a more mid-foot position?

As an aside, changed my TT pos’n & got hot spots. Ignored them. Competed in a 24hr TT…hot spots hurt…ignored it & road through. Had nerve damage & my big & index toes are numb. It’s been several weeks and they are still numb so there was some sort of nerve damage down there.

So it’s probably a good idea to pay more attention to it than I did. It can be more permanent than just some temporary discomfort.

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After years and years without this issue it started creeping up on me earlier this year. Moved my cleats all the way back and boom, fixed it!

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Not sure if this will help you, might give you some ideas, YMMV.

I always got hot spot on last three toes during 1hr+ rides, took his advice, got an insole which arch support to help spread pressure on the metatarsophalengeal joints. Happy to say, no hot spots or numbness.

I have high arches and used to get really bad hot spots on long rides. Someone suggested Specialized Footbed insoles. I got the green version (for high arches) and never had the problem again. That was 10 years ago.

Certainly worth a go and one of the cheaper solutions.

How often did you find that you needed to replace the insoles?

The last ages. They’re pretty solidly constructed. Think I’ve only needed 3 pairs in 10 years and the latest pair are still going strong and get used every day for commuting and for long multi-day tours. Easy to swap between shoes.

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