Constant hot feet

Does anyone else experience this? My feet are always roasting especially after training.

Hot in the shoe, or suffering from “hot foot”?

After training they are just on fire especially at night in bed.

Interesting. So they stay hot long after the ride?

I was thinking about how some shoes are hotter than others and some have vents on the bottom to encourage airflow, but that’s only something that would be for while wearing the shoe.

If you’re not aware, there’s a condition called “hot foot” and that’s why I asked. Hot foot is when your feet experience severe pain (from tight shoes, misplaced cleats, bad pedal choice, etc.) and it sucks, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of it lasting long afterward where it would impact you in bed.

I’m interested to hear what others have to say. Hope you solve it!

Used to have during 1st year, when started structured training (multiple repeats of SSBHV). IIRC, magnesium supplement helped somewhat.

After switching to TBHV and POLHV, haven’t had it anymore. Not sure if muscular endurance has improved sufficiently or lower intensity helped. Nowadays don’t get it even after multiple VO2max days in row.

Might be the shoes. Do a ride with sneakers and flat pedals and see if you still experience the same problem.

My understanding is that hot foot is created by friction between the foot and the shoe. Slight micro movements of the foot moving back and forth. Sometimes unclipping and peddaling for a bit helps. But my best solution was putting butt butter or a product called body glide on the bottoms of your feet before putting on your socks.

I get this on the MTB after 5 hours. loosening the shoes helped slightly.
The research I have found points to moving the cleats away from the ball of the foot, proper shoe sizing is critical, most shoe shops i have found, say that a longer shoe is required for a wider foot, this is the not the case and puts the cleat in the wrong position.
Also been pointed down the route of inserts. I am looking at these inserts. A bike fitter in the UK recommends this brand as they are quite customisable. They are a rip off in South Africa, am sure amazon has better pricing.

Also looking at carbon soled shoes, but those are very expensive here, inserts will be needed on both types of shoes so i will start there

I get them on the outside of the foot but only in hot weather… still didn’t find solution

I tired these a few months ago and they didn’t work with my foot. I’ll sell you mine, DM if interested.

Does not sound like traditional “hot foot” as that usually goes away as soon as shoes are removed.
I’m not a doctor but have had issues related to nerves being compressed. Normally it causes numbness and/or pain then as the nerve pressure is released some people experience tingling ( like when your arm falls asleep). Perhaps you are experiencing a heat feeling.
Maybe moving around more on the saddle or pedaling upright a few times during a work out might help.
Maybe consult a good fitter or therapist.

I had an issue with compression hot toe on my left foot after long rides with long down hill sections. Found a solution using those G8 inserts. My foot would flatten out after about 50 miles. The insert kept my arch from flattening out and the hot toe disappeared.
Also some Lake shoes allow for a more curved foot and a more rearward cleat position.