Do I have a hotspot?

I ride 8-12 hours / week and wear Sidi Genius shoes. Have been riding these hours consistently for past 6 months. Last couple rides developed outside midfoot pain that comes on after about 90 minutes. First time it occcurred was during a 5 hour ride (had been riding one 3-4 hour ride for past 6 weeks or so). This pain is at the heel end (not toe end) of my outermost (5th) metatarsal. Trying to figure out what is going on, but am unsure if this type of pain is considered a hotspot or not… The foot is still painful to touch AFTER a ride and the next day as well… That is why i was leaning away from it being a hotpot pain. also I thought hotspot only occurred on the toe end of the metatarsals. trying to figure out how to proceed, but figured O first need to realize if it is or is not hotpot. Thanks for any insight.
other info: my shoes are in good shape (Sidi Genius) and i ride with a small medial wedge under my shimano cleat (2 mm). I tried pulling the wedge and pain did not modify, but i realize i could still be in the acute phase of an injury. I have aftermarket insoles that have a metatarsal button in them and solid arch support. To me my feet feel good in the shoe and well supported.

You can get a hot spot anywhere there’s rubbing. I don’t know if what you have is a hot spot (I’m not a dermatologist and my dermatologist refuses to tell me anything without examining me), but they can definitely happen other places than the toe end of the metatarsal.

Disclaimers aside, I wouldn’t expect a hot spot to last that long; either it goes away or proceeds to a full blister. If this keeps happening after you’ve fully rested it, you probably need to see a doctor; it could even be a fracture.

Any chance your shoes are on a bit too tight?

My shoes are downright loose in most instances.

I find that temperature also plays a huge part in foot issues - ie feet swelling a bit when it gets very hot. Just something else to rule in/out.

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I’m in a recovery week now so will try to do the things i can to possibly help if this is an acute injury (Ice, rest, NSAIDs) and see how short rides go (90 minutes or less after 2 days of complete rest/care). Will also consider shoe fit issues that may be modified by temperature… on my Sidi shoes i usually tension them up to what i think is 2 clicks short of full snug. maybe with warmer temps 3 clicks short of snug will help?

Worth a try - always be modifying! :grin: