Holidays and breaks in training plans

Planning holidays and breaks in training plans seems to be a new feature (ish?), and one that i think is really useful.

I have a holiday coming up, of about 10 days, and no training in the calendar. I noticed this week is a recovery week, which made me wonder if this was coincidence, or some kind of a wind down for the holiday.

So this made me wonder how planned breaks actually tie in with the training plan. Does it pause planned traning and continue when you return, does it simply remove the planned rides, or is it more nuanced/ in depth than that. If the latter how does this work, and how does it affect the regular training regime?

Hey @timnorman, good question!

There is a lot of good info relating to this in the support article I’ve linked below.

The fact that this current week is a recovery week is a bit of a coincidence, but since you’re coming off three weeks of hard workouts, it’s time for a rest. :sweat_smile:

This was part of the original plan based on preparing you for your A race next month. We can’t really “postpone” your training since there are only a few weeks before that A race so we’ll just make the most of the time you have between now and then.

Adaptive Training will consider things like where you’re at in your training before entering time off as well as any upcoming events on your calendar.

In your case, it does look like your upcoming workouts on the 15th, 17th, 31st, and 2nd are all noted as “alternates.” Did you hand-pick those workouts for some reason? This might have an effect on how Adaptive Training considers those workouts in conjunction with your time off.