Hitch Rack with Lights and Licence Holder

Would like to get a hitch mounted bike carrier, with tail lights (like a boat or other trailer) and a place to put a licence plate.

I have heard, but not witnessed, some people getting ticketed for plates or lights being blocked. And seems like a good safety feature, especially for driving at night.

European racks commonly have them. Thule and Yakima customer service basically told me too bad, live with what they have.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I don’t think any in the US I have seen ever had those features. It may be possible to retrofit your own, but it will take some work.

I just bought the Hitch version of this carrier & purchased light board separately. The version displayed that goes on the towball comes with the light board.

This is in Australia - but I’m quite sure the review videos I’ve seen for this brand have been US based.

1Up make a license plate mount for their racks. Best rack on the market if you ask around.



They also have a light bar:



Thanks for the info. :smiley:

thanks for the information on 1up, seems pretty expensive for an add-on

1Up is for sure more expensive than other brands. Made in USA with no plastic parts and incredibly simple yet secure design.

An aside, I’ve been rear-ended when freeway traffic came to an abrupt stop, with two carbon cross bikes on the rack. Imagine my fear as I looked in the rear view mirror as the car was not stopping in time. The impact and the sound alone was enough to bring tears to my eyes. Upon inspection, the bikes (and rack!) were relatively unscathed and I raced them later that day. I’m sure the rack was the reason the bikes were saved. Three trays with two bikes, leaving a one tray ‘buffer’ helped I’m sure. My car was not damaged at all, with exception of some interior electronics that were rattled and replaced by my mechanic. The other driver’s car took a major hit to the hood, bumper, and headlight.

Most of this has to do with driving with the rack in the “up” position when there are no bikes in there. Racks like the Kuat and Thule raise up and block plates/lights. You get certain types of police that then look to use this as an excuse to hand out a ticket, because if it doesn’t have a bike in there at the exact moment it obviously means it never does…

I just try to minimize the amount of time i have the rack on the car with nothing on it. But I have been pulled over when coming home from the bike store after dropping a bike off for service. Judge made short work of throwing that one out.

My Saris rack doesn’t obstruct my license plate or lights when it’s folded up with no bikes in it.

That being said, I wish it did. I’ve gotten myself out of quite a few speed, toll, and red light camera tickets by having my mountain bike on the bike.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am leaning towards the Saris, just don’t like having to use a racket to put on and off, as I expect to do so fairly often. So still looking. Definitely seems that have to go after market for light and licence holder, or order from UK or Australia, but might have different wiring harness setups.

Hitch racks blocking your license plate is a feature not a bug

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