Bike cover for use with Thule T2 Pro XTR rack

I am looking for a good bike cover for use when transporting my bike on my Thule T2 Pro XTR rack. The rack is a hitch mount rack. I don’t really care about rain, but want to keep the dirt and junk out of the drivetrain. I’ve seen the velosock advertised a lot, but it doesn’t look like that allow the strap to go through the rear wheel.

Has anyone found something that works?

Something more like a chain sleeve would be the way to keep wheel strap access.

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Great suggestion. Thanks.

+1 to the Chain Johnny.

I always find the velosock an interesting product. I think in most cases it will be illegal to use it on a hitch if you can’t see the tail lights of the vehicle.

If the guy behind you can’t see your brake lights… you might end up with a lot more than grime/dirt on your drivetrain.

probably heavier than you need, but I got this for a long road trip using a Kuat hitch rack and a medium sized Colnago gravel bike. Drove in 5 hours of heavy down pour, dirt road etc and not a speck of dirt or water on the bike. semi see-through panels to (sort of) make your tail lights visible. I also got a wiring harness and put brake/signal lights on the Kuat