1Up Bike Racks?

I searched and found a few bike rack threads. Interested in a 1up rack if anyone can give me some pros/cons. Con is definitely price compared to others but I am replacing an old soft ride which I have had for a long time.

Also any tangible difference between the quick rack and the equip d? From what I gather the equip d is the new version with the handle and lock included where you need to buy them separately with the quick rack.

I am planning to get a 1 bike version and then add 1 more rack to it for when my daughter and I go riding. Thanks in advance.

No plastic parts, no buckles/straps, anchor points are the wheels where they should be, rock-solid and bounce-free hitch connection, rotates up for convenience. Also, all parts are simple, easily replaced, and available from manufacturer, making it potentially a much more long-lived product than others on the market. My experience with racks in the past has been that inevitably some small piece that can’t be easily replaced breaks or just wears out rendering the unit at least difficult if not impossible to use. These, on the other hand, are built to be owned and used indefinitely as far as I can tell


Absolutely love mine. Bulletproof


@jwynn9154. Thanks. Any real reason to get the equip d?? Just seems like the styling, new release for the arms and a couple of “included” items (which you can buy on the old one for less) are the only real differences from what I can see.

What am I missing??

Probably not much. But the new arm release might be nice. I have the orig 2 bike version and have not seen the new one in person

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Yes the arm looks nice but I think you can get an add on for old one for the arm attachment.

Edit I want 2 bikes but the 1 bike version and add on another bike or 2 is nice to me. Adds versatility and can leave the one bike on the hitch since it is pretty low profile and then slide #2 rack on there when my daughter comes with me. From my research of course.

I’ve had my single since 2015 it has proven to be a great rack. Solid all metal construction and built to last.

Thanks. You get any locks for it? Those seems like they are necessary but add up really fast.

Also do they ever do sales??

I picked up their wheel locks and while they aren’t really robust I see them as more of a deterrent for when I run into a gas station or such. For longer stops I have a Master Lock Python that I use.


Thanks and my current rack is ok but starting to sway in winds so wanted something beefier as I got a new tarmac with enve wheels.

For security I usually go to the store and don’t want to worry about it too much getting stolen. Just piece of mind mainly.

Edit: better to get the locks and the python or just the python? I know the hitch lock is a must.

No, But if you are local to Dickeyville, WI you can visit them and they might have a returned rack that you can buy at a discount. That’s how I got mine.

I am in GA so not an option unfortunately.

I have the wheel locks and a short U-lock that goes around the frame and rear wheel to keep somebody from unscrewing the thru axles and grabbing just the frame. But this is just a deterrent for the grab and run types. I won’t leave my bike on the rack unattended for any length of time since it seems no matter what you do if they have the time and are determined to steal your bike they will.

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Thanks and makes sense. I would just run into the store mainly or have it outside when I am eating breakfast at a local place mainly which is in view.

There are no cons. Price pays for itself when you factor in replacing your plastic racks every 3-5 years. I’d buy one again in a second.

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Just want to chime in here and say the 1Up has been on car 24/7 for the past 3 years. Absolutely no qualms. We get a fair amount of road salt up here in the winter, so it’s taking a beating and the paint has faded a bit - but the rack mechanism works just as well as it did day one with little to no maintenance other than a little marine grease in the pivots.


I am usually buy once cry once type of person so not a problem paying for something that lasts. Just wondering if the premium for equip d makes a a big difference vs regular.

Oh sorry, no experience with the new model. All I can say is that the normal 2 bike version I have is great. Doubt you can go wrong either way.

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Too new for most of us here to report on. As much as I love their racks, I rather not be a guinea pig of a first gen product.

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