Cycle hitch carrier for Ram truck

Hii i am looking for a carrier for my ram truck I have Ram 1500 diesel engine heavy-duty truck which i use for Car towing services in NY, i am looking for a carrier for which can handle 3 cycles. any recommendation plz.

I use and think these are the bests on the market. I have the 2 bike carrier with the +2 add on to carry 4 bikes.


+1 on the 1up recommendation. I’ve had one on the back of my honda fit for a few years. thousands of miles with bikes on it and no drama

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An Ecodiesel? If you still have the bed and exhaust intact I’d go for something like this to avoid Ram’s continuous stupid decision to put dual exhaust on a diesel truck. A lot of heat and gases blowing right onto the bikes, certainly during a regen cycle if you haven’t removed that stuff.

I’m not sure of the 1500, but I have a Ram 2500 diesel, which has a 2.5" hitch receiver with a 2.25" adapter sleeve. Because of this I had to be careful to find a rack that had a through bolt through the receiver hole, otherwise the 2.25" sleeve and rack would want to slide right out. 1up uses a locking ball setup, so that wouldn’t work for me. I ended up with a Thule T2 Classic + the 2 bike add-on. The 2500 has a single exhaust exiting to the side, but if your Ecodiesel has the dual exhaust, I’d avoid a hitch rack as @Trippy says.

I was going to mention a Kuat NV 2.0, it uses a pin for security and has a ball for anti-rattle. Once installed, it’s a breeze to use and fits all different size bikes. However it is a beast to install and store when in 4 bike mode, and it bottoms out on the slightest grade when mounted on my Honda Odyssey. I wish it had a stepped design like the 1UP.