HIT Training Plan for Maintenance

Hi Folks,

Have just finished Trad Base LV1 which I was doing just to keep some structure in my training but also to allow me to do more strength and conditioning work and some easy runs. I am just about to roll into TBLV2 when I stumbled onto a maintenance HIT plan under the Enthusiast plans. I’d never seen this before and I’m not entirely clear what it’s for.

My current plan is to do TBLV2, then SSBMV, SPBMV then Climbing Road Race Speciality as I am (hopefully) off to the Alps in August for a week.

The lack of VO2 Max and real volume in TBLV2 has me a little concerned but it has been nice not to be thrashed every week and just enjoy mixing up the training. However, would it be worthwhile now perhaps switching to 4 weeks or so of the HIT training to add a bit of top end? Any thoughts on this? Anyone done anything similar?

Thanks all, stay safe.


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Thanks, useful. I’ll do the first 4 weeks of the LV HIT plan and see how that works.

I’m not sure a short interval HIT plan is going to build your VO2max. It’s going to improve your anaerobic contribution which may improve your FTP score on shorter tests.

But maybe it will be a fun experiment? Let us know how it works.

Sure will do, there’s a few VO2 Max sessions in there, and some Threshold/Tempo too. The anaerobic sessions will certainly be useful as I’ve done very little of that type of work recently. As Coach Chad says, now is the time to experiment.