Adaptive Training adjusting it?

I just noticed my AT suggested an adjustment of running workouts this week after my Monday run. The run doesn’t show on my calendar when I’m done. I do use Garmin Connect and Strava, so maybe it’s seeing those runs and swims through Strava, dunno. How is the run workouts being adjusted in AT?

Probably worth catching the Q&A today, and maybe check the support files just released yesterday. Not sure what is covered where (if at all), but the official release takes place today, so may be places to learn it.

They have said in the past that the runs and swims are being adapted on a “Completed” and “Not Completed” basis. If you mark any workout as Completed then you wont receive an adaptation. If you leave a workout without ticking that box then you get adaptations. So I can only assume that you hadnt marked it down as completed. If you have then I am at a loss as to why it has adapted for you!

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