High volume ssb1 modification?

I’m attempting a high volume base approach this year after a couple of run throughs on mid volume. Doing three weeks of work-> easy week->3 weeks of work->easy week. 8 weeks total for my first base block. This was the modification I did this far

Mon: off
Tues: 1.5 hour sweet spot
Wed: 2.5-3 hour endurance (day off work)
Thurs: 1.5 hour tempo/low sweet spot
Fri: 1 hour endurance (pettit)
Sat: 1.5 hour sweet spot
Sun: 3 (maybe more) hour endurance (day off work)

Looking for some input from anyone who has done a high volume plan. Is throwing 2 long endurance days too much with 3 other sweet spot workouts too much?

Doesn’t seem like too much to me, one possible mod to the plan is to do really long endurance on the weekend instead of SSB, so what you have looks good to me!

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I’ve been following a similar modified version of high volume SSB1:

Mon: off
Tues: 1.5 hour sweet spot
Wed: 1-1.5 hour endurance
Thurs: 1.5 hour sweet spot
Fri: 1 hour endurance
Sat: 2 hour sweet spot + 1-1.5 hour endurance
Sun: 4 hours endurance

After 4 weeks of SSB1, I’m finding this schedule to be less fatiguing (physically and mentally) than the original high volume SSB. The TSS has been slightly higher than the original plan, but by limiting sweeetspot to 3 days/wk I’m feeling more recovered and motivated for each sweetspot workout.

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I think i did something like that last year, except i skipped the friday workout. That gives you an extra rest day to keep you motivated.