High volume plan

Definitely not, but I also haven’t started much building on top of my base. I’m able to maintain a very high FTP while doing TB, but haven’t seen much improvement on the number. I’m a fairly well trained individual already, so I have no expectation to see FTP gains from this type of training

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FWIW, I did see some FTP bumps along the way when I tried my own modified version of the TB plans as part of my overall triathlon plan in early 2020–ended up backing off during near the start of the third 4-week block when races started getting cancelled in April and motivation plummeted though. I was following a plan based off Joe Friel’s “Your Best Triathlon” which the 3 Base blocks lined up well with the TR TB plans. He suggests a 30-min TT to set FTP and doesn’t de-rate the result (for a few different reasons) so that’s where the discrepancy between my FTP and the intervals.icu eFTP comes about, but the trend was the same. This was also with only about 5-8hrs of cycling (shorter rides during the week, longer 2-3.5hr ride on the weekend), 10-15hr total time. You can also see my freshness was quite good throughout all of this and I definitely felt that way, which lines up with some of the comments from others as well. (You can also see when the pools closed… :frowning:)