Choosing a plan (high vs mid volume SSB)

If you have the time and are mentally committed enough are you able to do a high-intensity plan or must you acclimatise yourself to weeks of high TSS before attempting one?

Some background, I’ll be a junior next year and this winter is the first time I’ll be doing serious structured training where I record TSS etc in the hope it’ll make me much faster come next season. Previous to this I’d done consistent 4/5 day weeks with each of these sessions being hard workouts eg. Track League and coach led track training sessions along with long road rides. Considering I have the options of long club runs (at a moderate intensity) on weekends to help build a base would it be sensible to choose a medium volume plan to allow me to build these in without overloading my TSS.

@juniorboy If this is your first time doing structured training, the recommendation would be to start on the Low Volume Sweet Spot Base plan and work up from there. You can always throw in extra workouts if you feel fresh, but diving into too much stress can quickly put you into a hole that’s hard to get back from.

Take a look at this thread which goes into a bit of detail about High Volume plans.

Also, this topic was discussed on the most recent podcast. Take a listen to the section at 38:30.


(I know it’s two years later, still…)

In this podcast: “Pete: HV is for people that have trained years at 600 TSS. Clear to me.”