High volume plan

I did it a few years ago. I did not see any gains in terms of increased FTP but I was able to hold high wattage for a loooonnnggg time.
This year I’m back with TR and looking at plan builder I feel I will see more increases with how its laid out Hv SSB1, Sustained Power Build, SSB 2, Sustained power build, rather than just SSB 1&2 back to back.

SSBHV is good if you have the time - did it in the winter 2 years ago - found it easier than MV - I can do 3x30@90% easier than o/u but then I TT! That said I found SPBHV completely unmanageable. 2 hour sessions with intervals @108%!!! - I now do a hybrid version of my own with 75 min SS on Tue/Thr, endurance on Wed, 90mins O/U Sat and a group ride or 2 hours SS Sunday…add in a few 30 min runs for bone density and that is about 8-9 hours/week which is quite enough with a full time teaching job and aged 52! :grinning:

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Ha, then you are clearly more experienced than I am and I can see why you would want to try something else if working upper Z2 your progress stalled. I would probably still want to tweak SSBHV a little. I would prefer longer intervals and just progress time in zone. Also, it still seems too much SS (5 times a week!). I would at least consider replacing some with continuous tempo (think Polar Bear). In any case, please report back how it went, I am interested to know.

How did you get it to give you that structure? When I did it, it gave me the standard base/build/specialty layout to start, then repeats that just with shorter base periods (4 weeks instead of 6).

I just must have had enough time before my first A event where it laid it out like that.

Yes the High Volume is a tough plan. I’m struggling on available time during the week this year so I am doing a mid volume plan but tweaking the plan. Specifically w/the Tue/ Thur workouts I am typically choosing a 1+ or 2+ ride option. I don’t take the rest day on Wednesdays and like the high vol plan subsitute a 1h SST workout in its place. I also don’t take Fridays completely off and instead substitute Pettit. My point is dont feel locked into that plan if you are finding it too difficulty can always drop to mid volume or like myself modify the plan so its in between a mid volume plan and high volume plan

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I don’t think that’s the reason, I don’t have any events on my calendar when I built the plan.

FYI - I’m your friend/rival Jack

Then why don’t you text me like a normal human being :joy:

You didn’t text me the details of your TR plan…I had to read it here first.

Hopefully a quick one! I am starting base 1 end November Followed by base 2 beginning In January. I have the time to do a HV plan but would like to do 1 endurance ride each week outside.

Given the the MV and HV plans are quite different, in that MV is less hours but more intense workouts, should I either

  1. choose MV and add the outdoor ride
  2. choose HV and swap out a SST ride for my outdoor ride.

I am tempted by Option 1) But it seemS to be quite a lot more intensity and I don’t want to detract from building a solid base.


Depending on how you handle the training load you can pick option 2 and swap out one of the sessions for a long zone 2 ride.

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Thanks. That’s currently the plan I’ve set in plan builder. With the plan being to do Z2 outdoors and increase the ride time by 15 mins each week so it’s progressive.

Just wanted to post some results, as I completed the SSBHV1 6 week block and tested at start of SSBHV2 today.

I saw a 9.7% increase through the plan going from 299 to 328W (29W). I think some of those came from the fact that I didn’t have any experience with the step test the first time and so I didn’t know what it would be like, etc. 2nd time around I had a target to beat and was extremely focused on that.

The SSBHV plan was great. I basically did every workout except for 3 which were replaced with MTB rides at same hours and estimated TSS as plan. In the 4th week I reduced my FTP by 5% to adjust to altitude (I live at sea level and was on vacation at 4500ft) and then returned it when I came back home. In general all my weekly TSS was at or above the target.

Towards the end of the plan I was seeing a 10 BPM decrease at sweet spot power and in the end the 2hr workouts with 90min sweet spot work in them were achieved with no real HR drift. I also noticed during the recovery week that power at what I would consider Z2 HR was about 20W higher than before.

In all, I consider the plan worth it. I’m looking forward to SSBHV2 and trying not to psych myself out that sweet spot watts are going to be 20 or 30 watts higher now!


This is almost identical to what I am doing. I just dont have 2hrs in the morning during the week before work, only have 75min maybe 90 if i get up extra early.

What I have done is the +1 on Tuesday to take the 60min to 75. I added a new custom workout to Tuesday which is increasing time in tempo week over week that takes overall 1hr20min. Thursday I am going to build them all out to 75min workouts, some have varients, others don’t so will need to make custom variations. I’ve toyed with extending the Saturday workouts, but I don’t know if more intensity is the answer, may simply make it an additional 30min of z2 to finish on tired legs to make both workouts 2hrs.

I made this statement in another thread. TBD in the next couple months, but my initial impressions of SSB MV vs. SSB HV.

This is spot on with my experience as well. I’m 44, and also have a lot of training in that tempo and sweet spot range.

The open question is what will yield the best gains?

I’ve oscillated between 280-290 on ramps for the past year. Completing the HV base II workouts was no problem at end. Maybe since I find Mac harder to do I should be doing those.

I’m also doing my second year of SSBHV. The Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday workout progression in SSBHV2 are seriously tough. I feel like I’m barely hanging on to make it to Friday.

Something I am trying this year is to swap the Friday Z2 for active recovery, and if I’m feeling strained at all doing that I just stop. Easier to make up the TSS by throwing a bit of Z2 at the end of the weekend workouts when I have more time.

Just now realizing that I’m replying to a 2 year old comment.
Oh well

FWIW I’m now on more of a Traditional Base methodology than SSB. I only switched to this in 2019 as prep for my 2020 season (which had no racing) so I can’t easily compare outcomes between the two, but given the (relative lack of) time constraints I’m currently facing I find TB much easier on my body than SSBHV

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Yeah. I still work full-time, so SSB is still the best fit for me.

I dream of being able to just do Z2 and watch movies for 3 months :relaxed:

Have you been seeing FTP gains with TB?



TB is not for pushing FTP gains.

To very loosely paraphrase @ambermalika and using the venerable house analogy…TB/Endurance is for creating all the stuff which makes your “fitness house” operate – foundation, plumbing, electrical, gas (???)…you get the idea. VO2max is your roof, FTP is everything in between.