High volume plan

I did it a few years ago. I did not see any gains in terms of increased FTP but I was able to hold high wattage for a loooonnnggg time.
This year I’m back with TR and looking at plan builder I feel I will see more increases with how its laid out Hv SSB1, Sustained Power Build, SSB 2, Sustained power build, rather than just SSB 1&2 back to back.

SSBHV is good if you have the time - did it in the winter 2 years ago - found it easier than MV - I can do 3x30@90% easier than o/u but then I TT! That said I found SPBHV completely unmanageable. 2 hour sessions with intervals @108%!!! - I now do a hybrid version of my own with 75 min SS on Tue/Thr, endurance on Wed, 90mins O/U Sat and a group ride or 2 hours SS Sunday…add in a few 30 min runs for bone density and that is about 8-9 hours/week which is quite enough with a full time teaching job and aged 52! :grinning:

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Ha, then you are clearly more experienced than I am and I can see why you would want to try something else if working upper Z2 your progress stalled. I would probably still want to tweak SSBHV a little. I would prefer longer intervals and just progress time in zone. Also, it still seems too much SS (5 times a week!). I would at least consider replacing some with continuous tempo (think Polar Bear). In any case, please report back how it went, I am interested to know.