Hide interval time

A hotkey to hide the time remaining in an interval. When I did Tri’s, when I had to run on a treadmill I would cover the time with a piece of paper. I would only want to do this on say 5 min plus intervals,. For me, I try not to watch the time, when I look away, look at my phone, stare down, whatever I do, I look up an a maximum of 12 seconds has gone by. It would be nice on a long threshold interval to just focus on power and not see the time, then be surprised when the interval ends.


Whoa okay! Hmm… I can see how that may be useful in a couple instances, but to be honest that likely wont get on the roadmap for the time being. Thanks for suggesting though, other athletes that want this feature will be able to +1 now! :v:

Well it was worth a try…would be nice to make the time go by a little faster…I mean TR displays the finishing time for those who can’t figure it out themselves. I guess its time to cut out a piece of paper and make a flap for my laptop.

Just talked with someone about this last week.

+1 @IvyAudrain :facepunch:

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+1 from me too. Interestingly, unlike @craigmanning, I do this on shorter 3-min VO2 intervals (which do not feel at all short!) Right now, without the ability to hide the time, I just look down at my Wahoo with only the clock showing, so I know what minute it is to give a rough guide, but nothing with second precision. It actually helps a lot for me in getting through tough VO2 intervals, unless I accidentally look up and find that only a few seconds have passed when I think it’s nearly a minute :wink:

If your phone can do it, try opening an app with picture-in-picture mode, resize the box and stick it over the time.

On a PC it’s easier, open Notepad, resize etc…

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great idea!

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