Add a timer to the 'paused' screen during workouts? (Feature Request)

We’ve all had to bail from a segment, and during the training text it’s a common refrain that if you have to-- take a quick back-pedal to give you the salvation needed to finish out the segment well.

What I would like to see is when you pause, a timer begins ticking up as a motivator (and just pure information) to get spun back up, so that your mental ‘I need a 30 second break’ actually ends up being 30 seconds rather then letting the tired mind use it’s magical time-warping skills to perhaps push that break time up by several, or perhaps several dozen seconds.

If it showed you how long you’ve taken, both during the current pause and maybe even the total over your entire workout, I believe it’d be a good motivator to not rack up too much time on that ‘recovery’ clock.


Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about your ideas! I will pass along your thoughts to the rest of the team, and we will see if this is something that we want to implement.

I definitely agree that a timer as you described would keep people more accountable during their workouts, which is never a bad thing! :smile:

Thanks again, keep up the good work!

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