Feature Request: HUD hide buttons

I think similar things have been mentioned in the past, but I’d like an option to hide any stats I want during a workout or test. I don’t have ERG mode, so I need my power on screen, but during a test I’d like to hide cadence and total time. (I found out about the 19:30 break even point on the ramp and it subconsciously affects my motivation.) As for cadence, I’d like to ride it on self selected feel, then reference the data afterward to find areas to improve. I like the current HUD simplicity and don’t want full customization, but adding some “hide” buttons in each box would be sweet.

Thanks for the suggestion! This could certainly be useful in some situations, however, this is not on our Development Roadmap quite yet. That being said, we do have quite a bit of interest in this type of feature, so this is something that we develop in the future :slight_smile:

As a workaround in the meantime, many users have used simple sticky notes on their screens to hide the fields they do not wish to see. It is far from an elegant solution, however, it is effective :+1:


New option coming to the Win/Mac app:

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