Help with setting up Misuro B unit on Quick Motion Rollers please!

Hi folks, newbie to TR and the forum, so I’m hoping someone can help.

I’ve bought a Misuro B unit for my quick motion rollers in the hope that it’ll give me power / cadence / speed on TR for my workouts. I’m fully aware that it’s not the perfect solution but was about 1/10 the price of a proper power meter so I’m happy to accept that.

However I can’t get it to work so I wonder if anyone out there has any experience? It pairs immediately with TR on my phone (iOS) but the data doesn’t show up when I pedal. As far as I understand the magnet isn’t required as it’s already in the central roller, so fitting the misuro B unit into it’s slot should be all that was required.

On advice from TR support I’ve turned of virtual power on the app, but that made no difference either…

If anyone has any tips I’d be very grateful, my first ramp test is scheduled for tomorrow morning, although may be this weekend instead now!

Any chance you can share a screen capture of your pairing screen, with the device paired?

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I then get the same readings when I tried a workout. paired, but no data

What click did you set on the misuro?

Dont set up the Misuro for the QM, but for “parabolic trainer”, see the manual!

The QM has three resistance levels. The TR App cant read power if you set it up for the QM, only via original E-Training App by Elite.

I set it up as parabolic trainer, i think it is 8 clicks, and it works ok as power meter on TR, but only on resistance level 1.

From 180 Watt onwards it is about 10-20% off. On Level 2 this quickly goes up to 40-60% off… so use it in Level 1 and it is ok, better than TRs Virtual Power.

Looks like a proper connection and recognition as a “power meter”.

On that Device screen, you should be able to ride the rollers and see data reported live (speed and power specifically, not sure about cadence). If you get nothing, I think there is a failure from the rollers or sensor, not picking up the related magnet to trigger the related measurements. So I would look at the physical setup and installation of the sensor.

Thanks Chad, good to double check. That’s what I thought. just can’t find any set up info from Elite at all. Will keep trying!

Thanks, everything I found says to set it to the ‘generic roller’ setting - 1 blink on the LED, so I’ve done that.

I generally ride them on resistance level 3 so I hope I can make it work on that level as level 1 resistance isn’t enough really

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Click one will make the Misuro send only speed and cadence data, therefore TR does not get any power data.

Set it on click 8 for parabolic and you will get power readings. You will get these readings then also on level 3 just not anywhere close to reality because the misuro does not know you are in resistance level 3, it asumes you are still in level 1.

Therfore you will get readings like you are in resistance 1… highly inaccurate but probably by far more stable then Virtual Power.

Here is the manual:

To find out what power you are pushing in level 3 at a certain speed and cadence you can actually use the Elite App to get accurate readings, but in TR you will never get any power readings beyond Level 1 resistance. And even those are not precise.

For me it is enough as I am interested in the change of power over the course of my workout plans… i can actually see if I get better
I do not need to get precise watt numbers.

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And if you want to get more precise wattage numbers, connect the misuro to the original Elite E-Training App, put in Level 3 on QM and in the App, do some pedalling at various cadence and gears/speed… look at the watt numbers… connect then to TR, do the same and you will see how much off the numbers are… later then you will always know how much to add when doing TR workouts…

I am about 20% off… for me ok, as i said: the absolute precise numbers are not relevant for me.

Seems a weird workaround but remember: the Misuro is a kind of “better” Virtual Power device… for some 50 bucks… not in any way can that be close to a real power meter…

Ok, great, that makes sense I think. I’ll give it a shot.

I’m the same opinion - not too worried about accuracy, just something to work to that is reasonably consistent.


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Very well, give a try and let me know if I can help any further. For me this setup is fine. You need to see if the numbers are still ok even while in Resistance level 3. you will be getting 250W readings when really you might be pushing 300+… but Virtual Power by TR would probably be worse.

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Thanks very much @rentagreement, first ramp test completed today. With the Misuro B settings on ‘8 blinks’ as you recommended. Completely different advice to everything else I’d managed to dig up online, (which was very little) but the only thing that worked.

No idea if the power numbers and therefore FTP are accurate or not, but that doesn’t matter as long as i’m consistent in terms of settings / tyre pressures etc through the training plan. Is that correct @mcneese.chad?

I’m not worried about W/Kg etc, although I guess if I was for bragging rights I could check the power curve of the rollers at each resistance setting and estimate from there…?

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Yeah, I don’t have experience with that trainer, but I think it will offer consistent results for training each time and over time.

Just be cautious about comparing actual power data since the accuracy is not guaranteed without checking against a proper power meter

Otherwise, you seem to be all set now. Happy training! :smiley:

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Great, happy to hear that!

Yes, this setup will be stable “unprecise”… means, you will get quite stable and consistent data, which will not be precise compared to real powermeters but will give you comparability over time. Be sure to keep your tirepressure etc stable and you will have fun.

Good to have you set up. Now the real work begins :slight_smile: enjoy.

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Thanks both, appreciate the help. I’m well used to type 2 fun if that’s what you mean :sweat_smile:

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Hi guys!
Woah, so you’re saying even if I set QM lvl3 in TR app (I’m using wahoo speed/cadence sensors) I won’t get good readings?
Well it might make sense. I’ve compared this graph and my speed readings on Strava and seems like power was displayed for lvl1 indeed (while actually riding on lvl3. +100W at 30kmh. LOL)

That seems to be the case as far as I can tell. I’ve alternated between level 2 and level 3 to learn the difference as the resistance curve is way steeper on L3. I achieved a 50W increase during the ramp test on L2 with much higher cadence, but checked the power curve in the graph and the relative numbers come out (approximately) the same for ramp tests on L2 and L3. Given the Misuro unit is only ever an estimate I’m OK with that.

I find that a higher (estimated) FTP on TR, but using L2 on the QM is much more useable and feels about right on RPE than using L3. I can use more of the gears, and spin up to higher cadence better, and drop right down for active recovery. I couldn’t get a low enough cadence on L3 for active recovery efforts and was always way above the target power.

Ultimately, as we discussed above, I’m not bothered about actual power numbers, just consistent training, and I don’t have a speed or cadence sensor. So sticking to L2 seems to work for me.

Exactly :slight_smile:
I did ramp test on L2, then 3 weeks of workouts on FTP level based on L2. Today I’ve changed to L3 (I thought I would do the same effort with lower cadence; keeping around 100RPM on Sweet Spot is uncomfortable) and I died trying to keep given watts… Then I realised sth is not right :smiley: