Who is using TR with the Elite Misuro "Powermeter"?


I have a set of Quickmotion Rollers (dumb with 3 Resistance settings) and an Elite Misuro B+ “Powermeter” installed. This is more of a Virtual Power device, which is still (in my opinion) better than TR Virtual Power.

So my question: Is there a chance to connect the Power readings of the Misuro sensor with the TR app while doing workouts? Or do I have to ignore the Misuro and take the TR Virtual Power readings?


Assuming the Elite device broadcasts in a mode that your TR app device reads, TR should be able read it as a “power meter” in the Device menu.

Try pairing and see what you get.

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If it’s the Misuro B+, I used it for a couple of years with my Elite Turbo Muin “dumb” direct drive turbo.

Seemed to be a fairly consistent power curve, if in no way accurate. First few tests with an actual power meter were rather sobering.

I never tested it against TR Virtual Power, but it’s pretty much doing the same thing I imagine?

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Just as this provoked me to go and look - nearly 3 years on, and pretty good consistency over that time, I still haven’t caught up with my Misuro FTP!


Haha … :slight_smile: So keep working out!

Thanks for your input. I also dont assume the Misuro can be anywhere close to precise data, but it is about consistent data which Virtual Power is about and so I will just go on trying to see, if Misuro or TR Virtual Power gives me more consistency of (wrong) data

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One question. I used to do TR workouts on a Kickr. Now it is the roller with the misuro. Today I am supposed to do a Ramp Test. I used to have a 250 FTP last time i measured, still with the Kickr.

How much should I manually lower my FTP in the TR App so that the ramp test does nit kill me in the first minute on the rollers?

I’m guessing you’ve got an ANT+ only sensor if it doesn’t work with your phone as-is? It might also be an earlier version of Bluetooth. Cable ANT+ or 4iiiiiiiiiii Viiiiiiiiia do this.

It’s probably not too far off on accuracy, but probably pretty darn consistent. I’d use it and not worry about it. Roller power is wildly different than trainer or outdoor power. 70% of FTP is exhausting because you’re spending so much effort balancing, though maintaining a 100% FTP interval for longer is much easier than on the trainer because they don’t resist ‘peaky’ points of your pedal stroke like the trainer /outdoors do.

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Thank you. It works fine with several apps like Wahoo and others. Now I tried with TR and also: the Misuro is recognised as power meter without problems - great!

I went for a Ramp test and quite surprisingly I made it almost to my FTP I measured with the Kickr some weeks ago… encouraging!

And yes, it takes more to make it through the Ramp test on rollers…: the reason I quit the Ramp test was not yet completely my exhaustion… but me loosing focus on balancing on the rollers… and falling off :slight_smile: … i closed my eyes to fight through these last minutes (as Iused to do on the Kickr)… not a good idea on rollers :slight_smile:
Doesnt matter… i would have had to stop some seconds later anyway…

So: Misuro with TR App works fine and is probably quite consistent although certainly not as precise as real power meters… that is not so important for me.

Thx to all of you for the input.