2 users of smart trainer

My wife just got a kicker core, I’m still using an old wheel on dumb trainer with my assiomas. She also has a 4iii crank pm.
I use tr with my assiomas but want to use her kicker when she’s not using it. She has a coach so runs the workout while Zwifting using the pm for the power, not the kicker.
Will we run into any settings issues switching bikes and using different programs while both using our power meters to control the trainer?

  • Nope, nothing to worry about really. You both just pair your power meter and trainer to your desired app, and off you go.
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This is probably the best way to do it since they will also not have to do any spin downs since they aren’t using on-board power, and each of them had their own power source

Awesome, seems pretty simple, thanks!

I had a similar query recently - 2 people, 2 bikes, 1 kickr snap = erratic resistance

I will say, it has not been smooth at all for me. There may be other variables at work (changed my trainer bike, TR beta app, PM for cadence), but I have tried a number of different approaches and still having major issues - mostly on my side. For me, using TR, Stages and Snap. For her, just the Snap and a cadence sensor. My TR workouts have become much less stable with much higher resistance. This coming from ~4 years of near flawless operation. Still trying to suss out, but frustrating.

Not saying you will have those issues, fingers crossed, but something is awry in my household.

Off topic, but make sure to contact support@trainerroad.com with regards to your issues (if you haven’t already done so), especially since you are using the beta version. Worth seeing what is off and hopefully they can get you back to consistent use.